A Quick Look at Fable III Playing on the PC

People already knew that Fable III is coming to the computer, but Microsoft wanted to put worrying minds to rest but showing the game off in action at the Consumer Electronics Show today.

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CaptainPunch3477d ago

Game was crap anyway, don't know why I wasted $60 on it

muffs923477d ago

At least it was better than F2

ProjectVulcan3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Thought about buying it for 360 way back when until i heard PC version was a cert, and then when i saw the reviews and had a go myself on 360 i am unsure even if i want to get it for Pc.

Maybe if they throw in a bunch of free content and the visuals have had a nice upgrade, plus its going cheap i might drop on it.

JsonHenry3477d ago

I waited for this game to come to the PC. Hopefully it will be on sale on STEAM within the year. :)

WhiteNoise3477d ago

The game pretty much bombed in reviews, I wouldn't bother...

iamgoatman3477d ago

I'd hardly call a 81 on meta bombing.

Plus who the hell cares about reviews? If you're already a fan of the first 2 games, then you'll probably already be interested in the 3rd, and I doubt some person on the Internet with a varying opinion is going to change your mind.

Kalipekona3477d ago

I really enjoyed it. 80+ on metacritic is hardly bombing, as Jimmy Riddle already pointed out. Some of my favorite games this generation scored in the 70s and 80s on metacritic. Not to mention that there are a few games that scored 90+ I really don't like at all.

multipayer3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

It'll probably be on steam right after The Orange Box becomes available on GFWL marketplace, 1 day after hell freezes over...

SuperKing3477d ago

It won't be on Steam. It's a GFWL title, a Microsoft game. You think they'll put it in a competitor's digital distribution service?

WhiteNoise3477d ago


lol, maybe you should go into steam search and look at lost planet 2, dirt 2, resident evil 5, devil may cry 4, street fighter 4, bioshock 2 etc etc etc, all GFWL games, and all on steam. Think before you type.

STK0263477d ago

And they also happen not to be published by Microsoft, unlike Gears of War, Viva Pinata and Fable 3.

When Superking said it was a GFWL title, he didn't mean to say that games can't be sold on both services, but rather than a Microsoft published game will not find itself on a competitor to its own game delivery service.

SuperKing3477d ago

@WhiteNoise 'Think before you type'

Oh the irony. It's practically OVERFLOWING! lol

Xfanboy3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

It's a start microsoft.. but You a lot to prove!! it got an 8.5!

Perjoss3477d ago

ENOUGH of this small talk!
news for RDR on PC is what excites me.