The Great Game Review Con

Money has always been a huge part of the gaming industry, but lately it seems as if gaming journalists have slowly merged into game publisher’s personal public relations mouth pieces. Are the days of honest reviews long gone?

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GWAVE3862d ago

Oh Examiner.

You're simply telling us something that the perceptive amongst us have known for quite some time.

But honestly, (and PLEASE READ before you click disagree), the con isn't whether or not reviews are bribed, advertised, etc.

The biggest issue is that somewhere down the line, gamers rolled over, surrendered their opinions, and put their gaming opinions in the hands of "professional" journalists.

I say we simply ignore reviews. They never really inform the public, anyway.

omodis4203862d ago

I agree, but sometimes you have to admit that the reviews build hype within you. I fell for it with Black Ops, I will totally admit it. I saw all the awesome reviews and bought it two days after it came out. Prior to that I hadn't planned on buying it. I'm sure there are a lot of people just like me in that respect.

Buff10443861d ago

Ridiculous article. Offers no proof that this takes place. Pure speculation that fuels the conspiracy theorists. GTA4 was disappointing? Since when?

I'm not saying this doesn't happen. I'm sure it does on some level, but if you're going to write about paid reviews, then dig a little for some dirt we can all latch on to.