Super Mario All-Stars Wii is my childhood on a disc

Super Mario All-Stars' re-release on the Wii brings back a flood of fuzzy childhood memories for Bitmob writer Jasmine Rea.

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Caligula3852d ago

Something positive can mean the world to kids in scary situations.

Tolkoto3852d ago

I own these games a million times, but I still want the Wii collection.

Sadie21003852d ago

Anyone find it weird that they're releasing this as a boxed product when you can download them all on the virtual console?

Caligula3852d ago

But these versions are prettier! The VC versions are the originals.

Dannycr3852d ago

Yeah, just SNES prettier. That pack was just a ripoff. They didn't even include the definitive version: Super Mario All Stars + Mario World and they made it seem like it was special, but it fact it was just a VC SNES game that could have cost just $10.00.

It was Mario's Anniversary, they could have done something cooler and better... the could have done... SOMETHING!, all they did was re-sell Mario All Stars.

As a collector, I find it more valuable to have the original versions (which I have on VC) including the original Mario 2.

This was just an easy way to sell a $10.00 game on $30-$50.

multipayer3852d ago

I don't get it either, I have the cartridge for SNES. Isn't that better than having them on a cheap DVD to begin with... Hopefully they'll eventually reremake them in HD 16:9 or even on the 3DS, that's when they'll have my attention and money.

dragon823851d ago

I own them all on VC and I still bought this box set. I prefer to have a physical copy if possible and sold my SNES collection many years ago so it was a no brainer for me. Plus I got it for $19.99 from Amazon so I am very happy with it.

JeffGrubb3852d ago

Super Mario Bros. is my favorite game.

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The story is too old to be commented.