PlayStation Blog - Killzone 3 Story Trailer: Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone Lead the Helghast

Aryeh Loeb // Producer, Guerrilla Games:

Along with familiar faces from Killzone 2 such as Sev, Rico and Narville, you’ll find a couple of fresh ones: the resourceful female ISA member Jammer, as well as the hopeful heirs to Visari’s throne, Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock. When the latter two lock horns, their actions will shape Helghan’s destiny – as well as the future of the ISA members still trapped there.

Since Brian Cox’s performance as Scolar Visari is a tough act to follow, Guerrilla signed on two veteran actors for the roles of his successors in the English version of Killzone 3: Malcolm McDowell, who plays the scheming Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral. With over 70 years of acting experience between them, McDowell and Winstone lend an intriguing dynamic to the power struggle that rages in parallel to the war on Helghan.

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Gambit073858d ago

Awesome casting, I hope Brian Cox does a cameo.

LordMarius3858d ago

Im so excited. Trailer got me pumped


Fight Night Zone Round 7? O_O
They even managed to have the facial deformation of that game! Just Wow! And look at the alien jungle!

blusoops3858d ago

Is it just me or does that guy look a lil like Billy Bob Thorton?? LOL

Dysmorphic3858d ago

I felt Killzone 2 had an intriguing story but never really capitalized on it; it was merely competent. This trailer, however, looks to improve the base storyline in many ways.

Add a point to the excitement metre.

ksense3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Sony needs to advertise the hell out of this game to do justice because this one deserves to sell millions. man those graphics r awesome

Rival_313858d ago

I'm more pumped for this game after seeing this. It's soo awesome.

The_Count3858d ago

Wow the music was amazing.

shadow27973858d ago

If anyone is interested, there's a different version of this trailer on the Killzone website. That version is a bit more bloody and violent.

But personally, I actually prefer the PSBlog version. The shots that they use are a bit more epic in scale.

WildArmed3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

This got me all tingly inside.
Last time I felt like that was when I saw the AWESOME DA2 trailer.

Focker4203858d ago

Alright I think I just figured it out. The 'ninja' at the end of the trailer is mostly likely the girl that fought alongside Sev and Rico in the original Killzone game (not Killzone 2). Shes probably a spy for the ISA.

HolyOrangeCows3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I want to kill the new enemy even more than the bald guy from KZ2.

badz1493858d ago

KZ3 will be AWESOME! day 1

deafwing3858d ago

Visari had more oompf but yea, can't wait

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hakis863858d ago

The visuals are just SICK! And it looks like they have packed in a ton of surprises in this game - sweeeeeeeeeet!

GWAVE3858d ago

Why are there so many GAAAAAMES coming out?

FFXI1013858d ago

I wish they'd spread out not just focus on few months. Then again, I'm happy so many good games coming out. Just this month alone I'm buying LBP2, Dead Space2 and Two worlds 2(or D.C online)

Blacktric3858d ago

Malcolm McDowell is one of the best voice actors out there. Loved his performance as President John Henry Eden in Fallout 3. Another reason for me to buy the game day 1.

RBLAZE19883858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

They got Frenchie..."What are ya drinkin?"

"Cranberry juice..."

"What is it your period?"

"There are guys you can hit, and there are guys you can't hit. Now he's almost a guy you can't hit."

Classic movie...This game is going to be AWE...SOME.

3858d ago
Snakefist303858d ago

The Skinny general with white hair looks SCARY!

LiquifiedArt3858d ago

The universe and backstory of killzone is pretty amazing. This may be the first time they can acutally tie in some of that backdrop into the game. I'll have to play KZ1 to get a real feel for it, but when i finished kz2, after reading the backstory on their website, i realized just how much GG was not tapping into.

It just felt like they didnt' really have the "talent" or "know-how" to deliver their universe to the player in a compelling way. Like the way Uncharted games deliver their universe.

I hope this is rectified in KZ3.

RememberThe3573858d ago

KZ1 felt more story driven, and to me had a more satisfying campaign. KZ2 didn't really get into the story very well and it looks like they are going back to what I felt made KZ1 so good; and intense story driven campaign.

RBLAZE19883858d ago

The thing they did with killzone 1 was try and make a really good story driven game with atmosphere. Now they did pretty good but were really limited with the ps2 hardware. With killzone 2 it seems that they were really proud of the engine they created for the ps3 and really wanted to show it off. (Also they did spend most of their time developing the visuals) This led to having impeccable atmosphere in the entire single and multiplayer but the storyline kind of fell to the wayside. (it was still good for a fps)

It looks like, with killzone 3, they have mastered their engine and have focused the past 2 years on performance optimization and creating awesome atmosphere with a compelling story, superb visual effects and a great online mode. I really don't see how gamers can go wrong with killzone 3. It's a win for everyone. It's a culmination of a decade of work and dedication.

sobekflakmonkey3858d ago

i hope hahka makes a return along with luger, but i hope they dont show it in a trailer, i would like that to be a surprise..

skwidd3858d ago

Got to be one of the best videogame trailers I've ever seen!

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Sizzon3858d ago

Awesome, Killzone 3 is going to be amazing.

FFXI1013858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Play muti-players in beta was fun. However, after watching the trailer makes me want to play the story mode even more!! I wanna kill some Helghast NOW!!

garos823858d ago

i disagreed cause i wanna kill the ISA scum!
i hope there is a single player helghast campaign

finbars753858d ago


LarVanian3858d ago

Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone!!! Holy sh!t, brilliant casting!

RememberThe3573858d ago

James Remar was in there too. They really upped the ante this time around. This is some great vocal talent.

Rhezin3858d ago

that's freaking awesome. They always have such great voiceovers for the killzones. Malcolm McDowell has such a unique raspy voice. Almost like Christopher Lambert.

user8586213858d ago

wow gota admit thats some awesome voice work!

karl3858d ago

yeah fuck yeah...!!!

u know.. most killzone trailers both 2 and 3 .. were made only to show graphics and actions..

but never emotions and stotyline and voice acting...

now this shows that killzone now has the little piece that i always thought it was missing...

i just got the shivers ... now i cant wait for killzone3 anyomore