RipTen Review: Dance Central - Does it live up to the hype?

RipTen: Since 1998, when the first Dance Dance Revolution game was introduced in Japan, dancing games have always had a niche audience. Hitting those 4 arrows with perfect timing, while difficult, can’t really be considered dancing, but it is fun to watch and is definitely a workout. With the introduction of the Kinect, a full-body dancing game makes perfect sense; now you can track everything the player is doing and not just their feet.

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bfenty3857d ago

Yet another way to look goofy with friends.

Hands Up For Games3857d ago

And also to have fun! You know, the reason that I and many others took up this little hobby of ours over 20 years ago, to pass the time and enjoy yourself.

Also, if you cant look like a buffoon in front of your friends, then you dont have good friends.

Dance Central might not be the most hardcorest of the hardcorest, but it certainly is fun.

bfenty3857d ago

That's very true. A good game doesn't have to be hardcore.

Christopher3857d ago

IMHO, it's the one game that does with Kinect. Sure, you look like an idiot, but that's kind of what makes it fun when you're doing it with your friends and family.

DelbertGrady3857d ago

Kinect Sports is very good as well. The only two titles worth picking up at the moment. Although I'd probably pass on Dance Central since it isn't my cup of tea.

Drjft3857d ago

Heard you shouldn't play this in the nude.

bfenty3857d ago

That's not true! It works perfectly well! Not that I would know or anything...

eggbert3857d ago

There was hype for this? No offense, but I didn't see anyone hyped for this IRL, or eve on N4G, they all seemed more interested in COD BO at the time.

poopoojames3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I hate dancing. It is one of the most ridiculous things in life. It just looks and feels completely stupid. Especially in clubs where people pretend they are enjoying the 2 note god awful repetitive music that a monkey could write if put in front of a keyboard.

In other words this game does not interest me in the slightest...

edit: much better now thanks

Hands Up For Games3857d ago

Thanks for sharing, do you feel better after getting that off your chest?

electricshadow3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I played this with three of my friends for two and half hours straight last night. We had such a blast! Even my friend that HATES dancing was dancing to Soulja Boy and was laughing the entire time. Fantastic party game.

CernaML3857d ago

....Soulja Boy? I official hate this game and any dancing game developed in the states.

electricshadow3857d ago

Oh, I agree. The song itself sucks, A LOT. But, attempting to dance to it in front of your friends is hilarious.

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