Isn’t It About Time Microsoft Announced Some Exclusives?

A look at what Sony and Microsoft have lined up for 2011.

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NYC_Gamer3858d ago

MS has ran to the casual market

GWAVE3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Yep. Y'know, it is a bit fanboyish for PS3 fans to keep saying "hey, look at these games we're gonna play!", but I'd take bragging about games over bragging about sales any day of the week.

But hey, the media is all too willing to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and say whatever it takes to make them look good.

That's why we're just now seeing "why do graphics matter?" articles from big-name websites (even though these same websites cry if the PS3 version of a game has inferior graphics in a multiplat), and soon we will start to see "exclusives don't matter anymore! Gaming is all about timed exclusive DLC!" articles.

Sorry, 360 gamers, but Microsoft has no interest in your gaming pleasure. And to be honest, they're not interested in your gaming dollar, either. You already spend $60 on Xbox Live, so why put in the effort to actually make a game for you?

If you talk to 360 fans on this site, they're proud to tell you how well Microsoft is doing financially, or how many Kinects have sold. No one is saying "gee, I can't wait for the next big 360 game, Gears of War 3! Only 8 months to wait!"

nycredude3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I don't why people are surprised by the turn of events. Check the facts so far.

MS has:
1.Cut short the life of their previous console leaving people hanging.
2.Released a console early knowing full well it wasn't ready and defective.
3.Lied about it until the threat of Judicial action forced them to fix the issue.
4.ONly several first party developers.
5.Bought Rare a while ago (this has been planned for some time now.
6.Been cutting more first party developers.
7.had legal troubles playing fair in competition in all countries, including USA.

The writing was all on the wall but people are still in denial. Don't get me wrong they will still have Gears and Forza and all the multiplats but if you think they can hang with SOny in the excluves department you are delusional.

All companies care about profits and do what they can to increase it. It's a part of business but MS has always had a bad record as a companie that uses underhanded techniques to get ahead. It speaks volumes about the people leading the company.

Dragon_Hiko3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

+Bubs on intelligent post there bud.
It's exactly as you said, all companies want to make money, that is true. It's how the companies go about making their money that should concern us, the consumers. Do we praise a company that tricks us? Or do we ridicule a company that, even though they are trying to make money, they are doing so by trying to EARN our dollar by making great services and great games for us to enjoy?

OGharryjoysticks3858d ago

Doesn't matter. MS has control of the media so all they need is some timed exclusive DLC to a good 3rd party game and the media will handle the rest. If you really want to break it down further you will notice that a good portion of exclusive games coming for the PS3 will have a similar type of game releasing from a 3rd party in the same window, and in this case all MS needs is for that 3rd party game to get more hype than the PS3 exclusive which helps MS and that 3rd party because it distracts the public from knowing the value of the PS3 exclusive

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Blaze9293858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I mean really, who's screaming demanding for more exclusives? The 360 audience or just PS3 owners? I browse forums a lot and even with all my LIVE friends, no one is complaining about exclusives. Let's not pretend the 360 audience is the same as the ps3 audience who likes to pretend they can afford and buy every exclusive that comes out. We all know very well for the majority of 360 consumers, Gears of War 3 and a new Call of Duty is more than enough as they'll play that and that only for months/years to come.

They do not need 6-20 exclusive titles in one year - they won't play it.

so is it time? Who is crying out "wheres muh exclusives microsoft!?"

no one cares - except ps3 fanboys for some reason...


Blaze9293858d ago

disagree and call me names all you want - still doesn't defeat the point that I'm more than correct. I don't know about you all but I don't even think I BUY more than 10 games a year. So asking for exclusives on top of the huge number of multi platform games that always come out is just stupid to me. I don't get you all infatuation with exclusives - like multi platform games don't exist. Act like 360 owners are crying because they will have nothing to play this year.

Look at the stats, games that are played the most are...wait for it...multiplatform games. I mean honestly, look at the numbers - if people want so many damn exclusives, why is it that majority of the time a PS3 exclusive comes out, it's outsold by a multiplatform game, BY PS3 OWNERS THEMSELVES!! What is this?

Not exclusives. So as far as regular consumers go, they could care less about exclusives. As long as they have games PERIOD to play then they are getting their money's worth. To fanboys, then it's something else: nothing but bragging rights.

It's been what, 5-6 years since the Xbox came out. Look at the stats Major Nelson releases every what, week is it? Top 10 is always 'multiplatform' games with the exception of like 3 titles. Show me where exactly any 360 owners are asking for more exclusive titles. Where is the demand? If the demand is there then obviously Microsoft would/should deliver that demand right?

Honestly I'm just wasting my time. Will let the numbers (if any are given) do all the talking with that "mass amount" of PS3 exclusives this year vs multiplatform games (PS3 data only).

insomnium23858d ago

@ blaze

Ummm... PS3 sold more software in 2009.

People do buy the exclusives too you know. I wouldn't count out GT5. If it winds up selling more than COD on PS3 what will you do?

jetlian3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

insom however MS Fiscal year doesn't run on the same timeframe and if I remeber correctly it was sony 12 months to MS 9 month. and that wasn't actual 2009.

either way blaze we both know the truth and you hit it right on the head. I still don't get how they think every game sony makes is gold. I liove yakuza but I know full well its not AAA not even A class!!

saw people metion disgea 4 those games are truly niche.

mrv3213858d ago

You seem to think not having money and being a simple shooter fan is the same thing, I mean not all PS3 fans will buy EVERY exclusive but they will buy TLG, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, LBP 2, inFamous 2, Motorostorm 3, a varied line-up and I've forgotten a few. So let me tell you why we need exclusive

THEY ARE TYPICALLY BETTER GRAPHICALLY, CONTROLLER WISE AND ALL AROUND. Sony to my knowledge has never realease a broken game this generation, all their exclusives ( some not be down your alley ) but they all worked, same can't be said for multiplatforms, the longest development cycle leads to far better products in general.

teething3858d ago


I think 360 fans care less about exclusive games compared to PS3 gamers because just what you said... multiplatform titles tend to perform poorly on PS3.

PS3 gamers thus need exclusives more than 360 gamers do.

cemelc3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


Perform poorly?? do you have any gameplay feature that any ps3 gamer is missing in any of the games realeased since 2007??? NO, the mayor multiplatform "issues" are from 360 ppl trying to downplay a game for the lack of anything else.


LOL, yeah i mean who would want games, thx god for MS always releasing one game a year cos is concerned about our wallets. /s

We start this year with something thatll be a contender for the most stupid comment of 2011 congrats Blaze, and that was only 6 days into the new year i have hi hopes for you.

ksense3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

"multiplatform titles tend to perform poorly on PS3"

you wanna know why because xbox users do not have 10 to 20 exclusives to buy so they are like this is all we have so why not buy it. for ps3 you gotta make choices and usually exclusives are a lot better handled than multiplatforms obviously bcoz you have to optimize the game for more than one platform. and for this year i am going to have to pick and choose between the exclusives themselves because they have so many coming out.

nycredude3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

he is just butthurt. THey don't have it so they pretend they don't need/want it. What gamer doesn't want more games!? They are getting desperate and going down with the ship. The smart ones just go and buy a Ps3, unless you are broke, then it sucks to be you.

insomnium23858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


Yeah and I could swear their slogan was "it's all about the games" just a couple of years ago. I can even remember them laughing at "the PS3 has no games". What are the odds for that mentality to change that much?

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OtherWhiteMeat3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Soooo, less games are better???

DragonWarrior3858d ago

Sales prove that is the current trend so the the answer is yes.

Sarevok3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Blaze... Your comment made my IQ drop.
so your telling me your fine with 2 games a year?

muzzy3858d ago

Xbox isn't about games. It's about chatting online for 60 bucks a year.

poopoojames3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Blaze is spot on. All the major sellers are multiplats, GTA, CoD and Assassins Creed. Then the 360 still has Halo and Gears for big sellers and Madden/Fifa for sports. For the average gamer, what more do they need.

Now also they are breaking into the casual market with kinect. The 360 just doesn't need any more hardcore exclusives to be successful when you look at what the sales figures say, which are obviously a reflection of what the people want.

blizzard_cool3858d ago

Ok can we all stop the denial here please, exclusives are the reasons most people buy the console of their choice.

those top sellers you mentioned guess what, there are only 4 of them:
GTA, Halo, CoD & Gears - that are the only top sellers

Halo & Gears sell so well because of the huge marketing push and because of the lack, you know it, other exclusives.

rjdofu3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

LOL are you one of those developers? Why do you sound so happy when the games sell well even though you won't have a nikel from that?

What I need is not a game that sell well, but a game with quality. As long as developers throw good quality exclusives at me, I'll catch all of them.

Cenobia3858d ago

That is idiotic.

Is that really what you want? Multiplats and 2 sequels a year? There is no way I would choose to own a 360 over a PS3 for those reasons. It sounds to me like you're just settling for what you have.

People used to buy consoles for the games. Somehow it seems like the choice is now Xbox Live vs Exclusives.

MS needs to get their sh!t together or PSN will match XBL next gen and MS will not be able to compete with Sony. They need to be buying/creating new studios or they are going to get rolled over next gen.

The only thing this gen has taught me is if I wait long enough I'll get most of the 360's content, so there is no reason to own an Xbox.

r2kcipher3858d ago

From a business standpoint you are half right. But never in gaming history has there been fanboys, that care more about sales then games. Never in gaming history have we wanted to downgrade to casual games.

M$ is ruining hardcore gaming suck up your pride and admit it unless you want the ps4 and 720 to go the way of the wii. and i know everyone on here is a hardcore gamer.

JohnnyHalo3858d ago

I find it funny that the only people complaining about the 360 lacking games are the PS3 fanboys.

insomnium23858d ago

Yes JohnnyHalo that's exactly the only people concerned about x360s games. You are so original and clever.

You made your f*cking bed x360 fans way back in 2007 and 2008. Now lay in it. It's not our fault you people were saying idiotic things back then. We told you it would bite you in the ass one day and looky here. Now we have ourselves JohnnyHalo to give us solid proof of everything we've been saying for the past 5 years or so. Congratulations JohnnyHalo!

r2kcipher3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@JohnnyHalo So are you saying you dont want more games....?

I don't understand that logic.

Lets just say M$ cared about their fanbase, kinect never was, ms bought bungie, epic, etc, etc, beefed up rare and didnt close down ensemble. Wouldn't we all be happier (except foaming at the mouth fanbois)?

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Raf1k13858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

You seem to have forgotten all the comparisons 360 fans and PS3 fans have been making about the consoles exclusives over the past few years. The 360 fans wouldn't have been making these comparisons if they didn't care. They don't have much to shout about now and would look silly to admit they don't have many exclusives so they're doing the smart thing and keeping quiet. (a generalisation BTW)

If UC3 and CoD were all PS3 fans had to look forward to this year that's all they'd be playing for months/years to come too. Everyone wants better games to play and more of them too.

Shazz3858d ago

i am a ps3 owner and in no way pretend that i buy a lot of exclusives so you labelling ps3 fans like that is utter bullshit .

mrcash3858d ago

its not you bro, but most of the ones that populate this site try to convey that they purchase every game sony releases.

Focker4203858d ago

No you may not buy alot of exclusives, but when you do you have a list of at least 15 exclusives to choose from. Instead of just a few. More games = more variety. Having more games to choose from isn't a bad thing.

nycredude3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I do buy just about every Ps3 exclusives and many multiplats also. I don't care about the console or whatever I buy good games and the exclusives are almost always of better quality than multiplats. If any of these fools want to call BS I'll post a pic, but they might die of Envy.

Beside why is choice suddenly a bad thing? I know not everyone can buy all the games but it is good to have a large variety to choose from.

theIMP3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Man, I buy the games I want. I don't give 2 fucks if it's "exclusive" or not. The only people that do care if console A has more exclusives than console B, are Fanboy Bitches. Little spoiled brats that have nothing to validate their existence on earth, other than the amount of games their console of choice can play, that the console they can't afford cannot. I think it’s funny they think the competition is just going to disappear off the face of the earth because they have a few more games the other console. LOL. Do ya’ll really believe that? If that was the case the PS3 would have been dead years ago. Anyway, FLAME ON.
Oh, and if this comment offends you, then you're who I'm talking about.

Edit: @nycredude. If anyone envy's you, they probably want to die anyway. They would have to be pretty miserably to envy someone like you over games.

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mrcash3858d ago

you're right 20 exclusives are not required, but other than gears and forza4, theres really nothing to look forward to, well theres also that game the crysis folks are working on. Look i know many people on live, i used to be one of them and most of them are complaining because there will be nothing to play til gears comes out.

palaeomerus3858d ago

Right because they don't want Portal 2 or Dead Space 2 or any of the other REALLY big games coming out. LOL.

Nicaragua3858d ago

lol !!!

oh wait, your serious ?

maverick403858d ago

@blaze The most retarded statement I have seen today...congrats.

oldskoolgamer3858d ago

thats just the usual retarded crap the falls out of his mouth dont worry hell be on here shortly saying something else stupid to help the moral of the rest of his fanboys

Jazz41083858d ago

I 100 percent agree. I see very few ms fans crying about ms lineup of games this gen. It seems to be only sony fans trying to rub it in that they have more. Ms and sony fans such as myself could care less because I play both consoles but the sony fans outnumber ms fans on n4g so maybe that's why you see all th comments from sony fans. I goto a sony article and all I see is positive things wrote in the commens and if it was ms everyone on here would ne hating for the exat same thing. This site is biased for sony and has no reason to be as we all are just gamers.

BloodyNapkin3858d ago

Of course they wont play it, cause Ms is not releasing it. If Ms was releasing good exclusives people would buy it plain and simple. The little kids and little kids only will be happy with COD and GOW.

Blaze9293858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


Silly gameAr3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

The only thing I care about is choice. With the PS3 line up, you have plenty of choices. You have variety. You have quality.

That's why I game man. One or 2 games and an online service just isn't going to do it for me. If that was the case, the 360 would have been my main console this gen instead of the PS3.

You're right about one thing though, there's no way people are going to buy all of the exclusives that are coming out. Honestly, I'm not all that pumped about Killzone 3, but the beauty of that is, there's always Twisted Metal or Infamous 2 to look forward too. And, then, if that's not enough, there's great Multi-plat titles coming like Bulletstorm or Dead Space 2 to chose from.

That's choice for you.

palaeomerus3858d ago

Since I don't want much less intend to buy many PS3 exclusives that "choice" is of very limited value to me. And I have a PS3. I just am not nearly as impressed with the exclusives as PS3 fans tell me I should be and I am usually lusting after big multiplatform games like Skyrim instead of Killzone and Resistance games.

Omegasyde3858d ago

Wtf are you serious?

When a game is built up to take advantage of a console, it shines. Look at halo reach or look at uncharted.

Why would anyone just settle for HAVING ONLY 20 GAMES A YEAR TO PURCHASE VS. 30 GAMES A YEARS (10 NOT FOUND ON ANY CONSOLE)??????????????????

RETHINK your comment.... unless you are really broke and you can't afford a new game this year.

palaeomerus3858d ago

I don't generally want many of the 10 exclusives (ModNation racers? 3D.Game Heroes? MAG? Another #@#$ing Ratchet game? Some remakes of PS2 games? Meh. I don't CARE.) as much as the people who insist way too loudly and often that they are such a big deal. The only PS3 exclusive I really cared about last year was God of War 3. (And I enjoyed Bayonetta more!)

And 20 games a year is a LOT if I want all 20. Or even 15.

That's more than one game a month.

majedx93858d ago

some guys don't like Gears of War 3 and a new Call of Duty !!!!

Snack_Raccoon3857d ago

You say that you buy less than 10 games a year, out of curiosity I counted all the games I bought this year (2010) (I own a PS3, 360 and Wii) and I have bought 80+ games this year.

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CaptainPunch3858d ago

I wanna see some new IPs. Rare needs to make a new game besides that Kinect crap. Viva Pinata was great, I want more games like that.