Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

PlayStation Blog: If all this talk about Tomb Raider is making you nostalgic for the previous titles, I have great news ─ you’ll get to revisit three of them in The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Included are remastered HD versions of Anniversary and Legend as well as the final chapter in the trilogy Underworld.

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LightSamus3467d ago

Why have they cut Lara's head off in the Underworld portion? Is it that hard to move it down just a bit or rework the artwork?

PirateThom3467d ago

Meh, that's the way the original artwork was for Underworld.

toaster3467d ago

I played them in HD when they released, just sayin.


mikeslemonade3467d ago

Cause gamers only care about Lara's assets.

cb4g3467d ago

Strategic placement..

fail0verflow3467d ago

My PS3 needs to catch a breath

Corrwin3467d ago

Lara's head was never one of her main assets.

rucky3467d ago

Lara Croft has a head?

Kamikaze1353467d ago


Well, this is the first Anniversary and Legends are in HD on consoles. They weren't in HD on the 360.

badz1493466d ago

of it's a direct ports and a re-release for Underworld? any info on that?

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turgore3467d ago

Meh...they are all Available on 360 and allready in HD. Plus I allready played all except underworld- but then again whats the point in remastering that game, didn't it allready appear on the PS3 ?

Galvanise_3467d ago

They weren't HD on the 360. Just sayin'.

thief3467d ago

Well, the best selling title on the 360 was almsot non-HD, so....

Galvanise_3467d ago

True. This does allow them to use 'exclusively in HD' though.

Too many games next year.

siyrobbo3467d ago

you dont yet know what resolution they will actually be be for ps3 either, apart from underworld

PirateThom3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Yeah, these are already released this gen, to me the collection is probably the cheapest put together "HD Classic" collection so far, Prince of Persia isn't a great upgrade, but it's clean enough, these aren't even being reworked... if they port the 360 versions rather than upscale the PS2 versions.

StanLee3467d ago

The only HD Collection I've bought is God of War. Many of them just seem like a cash grab and really poorly done. These games were all released this gen, how is this not a bullshit cash grab? The games themselves weren't great anyway, with mediocre gunplay, platforming and puzzles. A facelift wont change that.

P_Bomb3466d ago

How are "many of them" just a cash grab and poorly done. There are what, three of them, lol?

There's GOW (which was awesome), Sly Cooper (which was more awesome), and the Prince of Persia ones which are PSN downloads only.

The Splinter Cell and ICO collections I will be buying. This one, probably not. I already platinumed TR:Underworld for the PS3. Too soon to be a classic.

badz1493466d ago

these aren't classics, just trilogy.


there's only 3 released so far and GoW and Sly are great! - very polished and well done! can't say the same about PoP though but that's not Sony's doing.

this one however, it's more a bundle of current gen games. for $40, maybe I'll give it a chance. no doubt about the looks as all these games are already available on 360 and PC.

dragon823467d ago

It clearly says on the cover "Legends and Anniversary are remastered". Its pretty obvious that Underworld is not remastered. It's just also on the disc along with exclusive bonus content.

monkey nuts3467d ago

These are already HD and for sale on the UK ps store in the Square Enix tab. Have been for weeks now. At the moment they're on sale with 50% off rrp. Seems to me like they want to cash in on the HD remakes wagon.
edit- just checked the store and all three have a rez of 720p, so I can't see how they've remastered them unless they are 1080p now.

thats_just_prime3467d ago

Anniversary is Tomb Raider 1 and it was remastered in HD. However all 3 games are unchanged from there release this gen. They are just releasing them one 1 disc and calling it remastered in hopes of making some quick money.

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poopoojames3467d ago

looking foward to this one. these tomb raider games were very underrated and clearly inspired the platforming sections in Uncharted. Anniversary is one of my favourite games.

Corrwin3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Hah, good one.

Tomb Raider has done nothing by inspire low polygon-induced boners.

xYokox3467d ago

I've always wondered why do the fanboys of that retarded, tasteless, generic tps and that Ricky Martin-like douchebag always show up in TR/Gears threads, and not the other way around.. Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Perhaps they feel truly threatened. Pity I suppose.

MysticStrummer3467d ago

@xYokox - This isn't a Gears thread in any way so I'm not sure why you bring it up, but why wouldn't a Gears fans show up in a Gears thread? I'm not sure what the Ricky Martin remark is about. I'm guessing you meant someone or something else, but maybe you were looking at the RM poster in your bedroom as you typed your comment...? It happens. The bigger question is why you would combine TR and Gears that way, since they are almost NOTHING alike. TR and UC at least resemble each other in some ways. Go find a classic rock band to troll. By the way, the majority of your comment disproves the "and not the other way around" part. Peace and good gaming, whatever good gaming means to you.

xYokox3467d ago

Thumbs up for showing a two-face by ignoring the comment above mine whilst reacting to the RM one.

Nice spin, buddy. The Uc fanboys are doing an awesome job of showing up in every Gears thread, since it's a cover based shooter, and in TR ones since Uc has some platforming elements.

Perhaps you should follow that advice of yours though, especially since you 're into reading others' comment history.

MysticStrummer3467d ago

I disagreed with both the comments above yours, but didn't feel the need to elaborate. I guess that hurt your feelings. Sorry fool. You keep getting more nonsensical though, since the TRs have always had platforming. I've never looked at anyone's comment history on this site. Ever. I also don't usually comment on 360-only articles. I'm not sure I ever have... but it's possible. I see plenty of 360 trolls in PS3-only articles though.

Cenobia3467d ago


What the hell are you doing? Not only does your original comment make no sense since poop was obviously trying to troll with his comment about Uncharted (starting the subsequent rantings and disproving your allegation of UC lovers in Gears and TC articles), but you top every other person trolling by slamming UC in an unrelated article.

Do you know what a hypocrite is?

xYokox3467d ago

Replied in PM, like I said I did the same as the post above mine. It doesn't matter who started this in this case.

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kingboy3467d ago

KONAMI we are waiting for SNAKE

OllieBoy3467d ago

Exactly. I want collections for Metal Gear, GTA, Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy, etc.

I don't care about crap like Tomb Raider or Splinter Cell.

cb4g3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Actually, a Splinter Cell collection would be awesome, but I agree with the need for collections for Metal Gear, GTA, Ratchet & Clank. Maybe Jak & Daxter too?

Wouldn't mind Bully being remastered on PS3, although I do have it for my 360.

A cult classics collection would be great for titles like Katamari Damacy, Okami etc.

galgor3467d ago

Snake always keeps us waiting :p

Myst3467d ago

I'm actually still quite surprised Konami has not made a Metal Gear Collection as of yet...

Though I guess if they did, they'd likely look more into putting trophies in for MGS4 possibly since the collections title would have to have it.

DigitalRaptor3467d ago

I doubt they would include MGS4 - It's a 50GB game!

Myst3467d ago

Oh no not saying that they would include it in collections, but rather have a patch for trophies because of 1-3 having trophies.

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