The Call of Duty Killer

The internet is a buzz with new shooter getting ready to release this month. Yes, it’s Modern Combat: Domination! It’s not just another generic military shooter, it’s the definitive generic military shooter. The best part is the price.

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deadreckoning6663907d ago

Funny, I thought Bad Company 2 was the COD killer.

ironfist923906d ago

I thought Medal Of Honor was supposed to be the new COD killer.

Tommykrem3906d ago

Call of Duty is the top-dog these days. All the FPS developers are going to bark loud about how they're better than the biggest dog, without actually being better. One day though, a silent dog will come a long, and when people get to see it, it will be the obvious choice for the top-dog. It won't have to bark much. That's how CoD4 stole Halo's spot as the top-dog.

Loadmouthed developers like Turn 10 and Crytek are small dogs, and they know that gamers will only see the bigger dog, and therefore they have to make a lot of sound so they can at least be heard. Small dogs can make good games, mind you ;) Not picking on Bad Company 2, Forza 3 or excellent looking upcoming Crysis 2 for being bad games. They're just not the top dog.

Ok, enough Dog Whisperer metaphors...

gamesmaster3906d ago

i take it you're a dog lover?

Calm Down Sunshine3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Bad Company 2 is a little dog in a tank?

theonlylolking3906d ago

Bad company 2 and medal of honor are COD killers but not COD sale killers.

SnakeMustDie3906d ago


You Naughty Dog!!

Tommykrem3906d ago

@The only lol king
A "CoD killer" would be game that was so superior to CoD that it would damage CoDs sales and popularity and do better itself. Like CoD4 did to Halo. Certainly not like the Bad Company games has done to CoD, even though I agree that Bad Company 2 is better than MW2 and Black OPS (they're pretty equal though).

I actually have a cat. Dogs are cool, though!

:) I suppose I am for thinking Uncharted is a Gears of War killer

@Calm Down Sunshine
If CoD is an anti-tank bomber, then yes I suppose...

Commander_TK3906d ago

COD 4 is the Call of Duty killer, because that game was actually balanced.

TheLastGuardian3906d ago

Killzone 3 is the CoD and Halo killer.

GWAVE3906d ago

No "realistic modern shooter" has surpassed the detail of the Soldier of Fortune series.


HolyOrangeCows3906d ago

"I thought Bad Company 2 was the COD killer"

It was.

hassi943906d ago

Hahaha Medal Of Honor, what a disappointing game...

BFBC2 on the other hand... Great!

I do think Black Ops is a lot better than WaW & MW2, CoD4 was still too freshly well-done that it can't be beat that easily though.

AAACE53906d ago

I swear, some people are in the wrong line of work! Everyone is looking for the killer... The Halo killer, The Gran Turismo killer, The CoD killer, etc.

Why can't a game be respected for being good! I've never heard anyone refer to Lebron james as The Kobe Bryant killer or the Michael Jordan killer.

Anyway, Modern Combat look like it will be a good game. We'll find out soon enough!

IcemanHH213906d ago

well not a COD killer but a fun game. COD has the brand name and the numbers,everybody will buy COD cause its domination but still its has a long way to go with balancing and fun factor instead of Frustration factor. but still better than the rest. BFBC2 is great too.

vickers5003906d ago

CoD wont ever be "killed" until someone releases a fast paced arcade style shooter which has as much or more customization options and weapons as the Call of Duty franchise, is balanced, and runs at 60fps on consoles.

CoD hasn't really had any competition, that's why it remains on top. Battlefield didn't compete with CoD because they are two very different games, neither of which are good substitutes for each other.

Kazu0 Hirai3906d ago

That game looks stellar. It looked like it was running at a butter smooth 15fps. COD is not shitty enough, can't wait to play another shitty game that looks exactly like it!

3906d ago
Nike3906d ago

"Killzone 3 is the CoD and Halo killer."

Funny. They said the same about Killzone 1 and 2. So which is it this time?

DeadlyFire3905d ago

Just wait for Battlefield 3. :)

MrChow6663905d ago

TheLastGuardian: "Killzone 3 is the CoD and Halo killer."
LOL you fail

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CaptainPunch3906d ago

In terms of Gameplay yes, in terms of sales no.

xAlmostPro3906d ago

this is the first ive heard of this game.. it looks fantastic for 8 dollars though :O will it release in the UK aswell? :s

xAlmostPro3906d ago

i tweeted gameloft earlier and they told it will release around the sametime as the US version :D

TooTall193906d ago

@Almost I think it will be out the day after the US release cause EU updates on Wed instead of Tues. I don't care if Modern Combat kills CoD. I will Download MC asap!

Ch1d0r13906d ago

I remember back in the ps2 days it was also known as the Halo Killer.

EvilBreeD3906d ago

Holy Sh1T dude, that was epic!!

sobekflakmonkey3906d ago

I hate the people who demo games on GT and such, they suck sooooo terribly....that story trailer is just way to epic though, probably the most epic trailer ive seen in a very long time now.

RedDead3905d ago

Any reason why the Lmg has no recoil?

Kazu0 Hirai3905d ago


Because it is a noob game like COD. BC2 is the real deal.

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CleanUP-CharliE3906d ago

KILLZONE>Battlefield>The CoDs

Lets-Game3906d ago

well if you had played bad company 2 you would know it is. well at least for me cause its much better game than blops.

Droidbro3906d ago

The COD killer already came out. It's called Halo: Reach.

Vherostar3906d ago

When I fist saw a video of it I thought is this the new COD game then saw the name of it.. That's how much like COD it is. It will get slated though because its not got COD name. If it had a COD name it would get massive scores. Let's just see how powerful the COD name is these days when reviews are released for this game.

BigO3906d ago

How about you people talk about this game and not any other..
I'll buy Modern Combat:Domination.. Bought The Punisher and it was fun for about an hour. This game looks better than that and cost less. Extra 25% off is cool with me too.

xXxSeTTriPxXx3905d ago

i thought activison and treyarch was the cod killer.

y0haN3905d ago

I'll be honest, this game looks unfun. Motion controls aren't fun to play FPS with to me.

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FailOverHero3907d ago

Ha ha ha ha...definitive generic military shooter. Good one

ediddy9993906d ago

It's more generic than any other generic shooter :)

Sarcasm3906d ago

Generic for $8 is better than generic for $60

Ducky3906d ago

^ There's free-to-play generic shooters too.

iamnsuperman3907d ago

I am interested by this. Gameloft make solid mobile games and its not a bad price either. lets hope it does well

xstation793906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Bad company 2 is a good game, but it just doesn't have as much in it as cod. I laugh when people start saying that moh is a cod killer. Even the worst cod title(which to me is cod 3) is several times better than moh.

Edit: Bad company 2 is alot easier to play than cod I'll give it that much. You don't have to have lighting fast reaction times, so thats probably why people think its better.

ExPresident3906d ago

Requiring lightning fast reaction time with the assistance of auto-aim CoD style doesn't make it a good game.

duplissi3906d ago

.... cod is a twitch shooter which relies on reflexes, fast paced action, floaty controls, heavy aim assist, and next to no recoil and bad company 2 is a tactical shooter with realistic physics, damage, recoil, bullet drop, and my favorite part: NO AIM ASSIST! ....

so... in other words they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, in fact all they share is that they are modern shooters (the recent ones anyway).


Gawdl3y3906d ago

You've got to be kidding. BFBC2 takes 5x the amount of skill that any COD game takes.

Ultra Gamer3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

You guys forget to mention that BC2 requires the most important thing of all: TEAMWORK! Working together with a squad with mics takes the game to a whole 'nother level.

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AndrewRyan3906d ago

I disagree. Most of Gameloft games suck ass.

Vherostar3906d ago

Because they don't make games for your precious 360?? They are one of the leaders in mobile gaming that's why they have partners like UBISOFT.

AndrewRyan3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

No. I have a jailbroken iPhone I have a couple gameloft games and yes I was harsh to say they were shit, but they really are not good.

EDIT: I like how you assume I am a 360 fanboy due to the fact that I said gameloft sucks ass. Most people would agree with me if they were not making a exclusive game for the PS3.

distorted_reality3906d ago

CoD killer on a single platform? Good luck with that.

The game may be brilliant but it won't get anywhere near the popularity that CoD enjoys.

DoomeDx3906d ago

They were not talking about sales.
They were talking about gameplay.

With that said, many games already surpassed CoD level.

distorted_reality3906d ago

If they're talking about gameplay then fair enough, but as you said other games surpass it already.

To me, when someone says "(insert game) Killer!", I tend to think from a marketing point of view, as gameplay preference comes down to the users (unless the game is absolutely terrible).