Measure Yourself

Do you own a DirectX 10 NVIDIA graphics card, run the 64 bit version of Windows 7, have an Intel dual core CPU, 4GB of RAM and speak English?

Then you’re average. Sooooooooooooo average. How does that make you feel, Mr Average? Does it make you feel… average?

This comes from the latest Steam hardware survey, which paints a statty picture of the slow march of progress.

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imvix3852d ago

While those specs might be average they are still enough to run most of todays games at 1080p with max settings(mostly games which consoles struggle to play in 720p).

For the 5% games which are designed with future hardware in mind like Metro 2033, Users with a DX10 GPU can play it at Above console settings today and sometime later when they do decide to upgrade they may come back to enjoy the same game with even more eyecandy. With console even if your PS3 or 360 fails 3-4yr after initial purchase, purchasing a new console still limits you to what you initially had.

PC it only does everything, including games looking better over time.

toaster3852d ago

+The console experience+

Game releases:
"Wow, this game looks good and plays well!!"
5 years later:
"Wow, this game's controls SUCK and the graphics are shit!"

+The PC experience+

Game releases:
"Wow, this game looks so good and plays well!!"
5 years later:
"Wow, this game looks so good and plays well!"

Newtype3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Actually my Diablo 2, Starcraft, and Dune all look like shit on my PC now.

Consoles are kinda like laptops.

LightofDarkness3852d ago

Those games are more like 13 years old, not to mention 2d. Look at the plethora of enhancement mods for oblivion, a game that's nearly 6 years old. Still lookin pretty, if you ask me.

ProjectVulcan3852d ago

I like the fact top end PC games build in settings above and beyond what most people will have at the time. Medium settings these days on Pc games commonly outshines the consoles and is easily reachable for an average machine.

Its a great feeling to get an upgrade after a few years to find you are replaying a game that looks and runs even better than the first time you remember it, certainly not something console gamers can claim a few years later!

life doomer3852d ago

mine is 9 inches, pretty big if you ask me.

moe843852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I have two measuring in at 11inches long and a third hitting the big 10 inch mark!!!! Gotta love "Black Edition"

Relax that's my video cards.

Chris3993852d ago

You should be doing specialty porn if we were talking something else. You'd make a killing!

moe843852d ago

Interesting that roughly 30% of the people who opted in for that survey by Steam, have a Torrent installed.

Personally I didn't opt in for that survey.

koehler833852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

What's interesting about it?

Are you making an assumption that an installed Torrent client equals piracy?

moe843852d ago

Not always no. But a lot of the time, the Torrents are used for piracy.

I'm pretty sure the people who took part in the survey didn't expect that much info to be taken... especially pirates.

Volomon3852d ago

Damn, I thought I was shitty for having a Quad core and not a i7. Only having DX11 1gig instead of a 2giger DX11.

tubers3852d ago

DX10 cards? Average? What kind of DX10 cards? Your measly IGP or the top tier X2s?

Same with Dual cores? Measly Pentium Duals or Higher Tier I3s? WTF

That's like saying your valedictorian is the same as your High school bum student. xD

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