New Valkyria Chronicles 3 screens and artworks

Sega has revealed several new screenshots in addition to a few artwork images for the upcoming PSP exclusive strategy role-playing game, Valkyria Chronicles 3.

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N4GAddict3852d ago

Looks good. I hope it sells well so we get VC4 for PS3/ PSP2.

Yi-Long3852d ago

... sadly, this being on PSP means we in the west will once again only get a fucked up dubbed only release, instead of the original voices plus subs. Which means I won't be buying it.

midgard2273852d ago

what are u yi long? an idiot? the voices arent even bad what so ever, anime purist like u make no sense. its ur loss, if it bothers u so much import the jap version and play with a badly translated script on ur left, it will be the same thing plus the cost of paper.

i cant believe people like u

Ponurasky3852d ago

looks much soooo much better than VC2. I hope they will make a PS3 entry once more again.

Skullomania3852d ago

Definitely can't wait to have this game, so much improvement from VC2, hope they plan on releasing another VC on PS3 as well. PSP is getting so much JRPG love this 2011. :)

kagon013852d ago

No gonna bother until it's released for home consoles like the first one...