CES 2011: Microsoft Keynote Summary

The presentation started with the announcement of Hulu and Netflix coming for the Kinect this spring. The Kinect remote control for Netflix and Hulu Plus will enable you to access music archives, movie vault and TV season line up. The rest of the demonstration showed hand gestures and actions based on voice recognition. The PS3 already had the Hulu Plus and Netflix options months ago so Microsoft is just catching up at the moment.

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Bigpappy3858d ago

That was the best Key Note I can remember ever seeing. It just had big news from the begining to end. I actually watch the whole thing.

FrankMcSpank3858d ago

You watch every MS conference from front to back. We know who you love.

ChristianGamer3858d ago

*sigh* thats it Microsoft, I've held my tongue too long, I believed you'd do what you always do and wait till the last moment to announce a new exclusive that I, a core fan can enjoy. But all you did was tell me about your success with Kinect and bla bla bla!
Who cares how many Kinects you have sold to retailers? Who cares that you met your 5 million kinects sold to consumers? I'll tel you who, NOT ME!
So I'm packing it in and buying a ps3! Wait a minute, I already have a ps3. . .well now I'm going to SWITCH IT ON and play some free online so Xp...AAAAHHHH UPDATE FIRMWARE!! COME ON!!!

Newtype3858d ago

Dude, this conference wasn't about video games.

HIGGI6663858d ago

ya i agree who cares. like the author said EVERYTHING they told us PS3 already does. avatar kinect chat big whoop PS home has been doing that for years(although just updated to 8 ppl at once). who cares it tracks your face, ps eye already does that. kinect is gonna bee good for dance games and the biggest loser thats about it. well unless your 6 yrs old u can play that lame animal game.

SimonSaysEverything3858d ago

err helllo??? there are no title announcements in ces. If you really want to show how much of a ps3 fanboy you are, wait for e3.

FailOverHero3858d ago

Dude if you really believe this guy is a ps3 fanboy then take a look at his history

SimonSaysEverything3858d ago

lol, dude i meant it both ways. just wait for E3 to unleash the beast for or against microsoft. :)

Arup023858d ago

Actually i lost the Sony Keynote, did they said anything about Move or something game related? Thanks

morkendo233858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

The PS3 already had the Hulu Plus and Netflix options months ago so Microsoft is just catching up at the moment.
OH, you forgot to mention.. MS behind even further with VUDU HD MOVIES now on ps3.

DiRtY3858d ago

MS just catching up is BS. Xbox 360 was the first console Netflix worked on. Heck not long ago u still needed a disc to use Netflix on the PS3.

Can you control Netflix with your hands and voice on PS3? Serious question. I don't know if it works with Move or PSEye.

Hulu Plus was on PS3 before Xbox 360 though.

The article did everything possible to sound underwhelming, but if you look at it, some stuff was REALLY cool. Maybe not for gaming, but for technerds like me.

Xbox 360 stuff:

Awesome gadgets / Laptops / Surface

Windows Phone 7 Copy - Paste / app

Windows Phone 7 games

So I think that is some really cool stuff. You can't expect gaming only news for such a event.

SimonSaysEverything3858d ago

that's what im trying to say, you cant expect major gaming news for such an event. Provided what microsoft showed, specially the laptops, i personally thought their conference was more interesting than sony.

garos823858d ago

typically you see one or two cool things and pretend that they never existed in the first place.
"Windows Phone 7 Copy - Paste / app "
i have a low end smartphone and am able to copy paste stuff from anywhere to almost any app.

oh and i watched it live last night and watching Steve Balmer say stuff like "there is nothing 'like' it in the market" (in regards to Kinect being a controller free peripheral) was cringe worthy. I dont know in which planet or dimesion ive been living but i have had the chance to use a thing called an eye toy and i believe when someone says like it means a similie. The Kinect is 'like' the Eye toy.

Yes it is obviously more advanced but dont go spreading FUD as if its the first time us 'stupid' consumers have ever seen ANYTHING like it.

tehReaper3858d ago


Copy and paste is significant to the WP7 OS because the OS is already rivaling the competition in features and functionality and it came out in November. As I recall, it took a certain company YEARS to add copy and paste.

Microsoft are determined to win over consumers with this phone. These little updates matter, because they are slowly closing the gap on what the competition offers.

garos823858d ago

i dont know which is the company that took years to implement it this copy paste feature and i do agree that little changes for the better matter but what im saying is that these things are seen before. They are NOTHING new.
When they release something unseen or unheard of that makes things better than competition in a significant way then ill happily join the Microsoft trumpet blowing band until then ill scrutinise all these "advancements" in the technology field as a technofile that i am

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nevermore3858d ago

Maybe Microsoft has an ace up it's sleeve for the E3? :P

SimonSaysEverything3858d ago

It would be funny though... i imagine all ps3 fanboys to blow up if microsoft does have an ace up their sleeves for E3....

morkendo233858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@ dirty

maybe not with ur hands yet for ps3 im sure kinect hand wave is cool, but I rather use my controller instead.

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