Playstation 3 Custom Firmware Doesn't Support Piracy

SegmentNext - "KaKaRoTo has released tools that will allow you to install your own created Playstation 3 custom firmware. Here's what he had to say about it".

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Matthew943862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

bu bu da hackers are only hacking to pirate games

first custom FW already, this is gonna be awesome, better buy a 1TB HDD, never have to swap discs again

Balt 3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Good in theory, but at what cost? I'm hearing certain things about the hacks that are taking away features like trophies, locking up the CPU and other such problems. I'm still not convinced that this "hack" will provide us with much good content until Sony has closed the system and moved on to PS4.

By the time that happens what's the point?

Matthew943862d ago

we just got first CFW in about 5 days, ps3 has 10 year cycle, we are about 4 years in.

im sure they will iron out a few bugs and produce a bit of content in 6 years

NewMonday3862d ago

I just want 3 things:

De-protect saves
Cheat codes
Fan-translation patches.

Will buy a new PS3 for these things, will not risk my main system.

forcefullpower3862d ago

So far at this current time all it has allowed is them to run 3.50 upwards games on 3.41 Jailbreaked consoles.

But it is pretty much open now to do anything with so will be curious to see what they come up with. I wouldnt put sony out of the game yet they will counter it with something.

TimeSkipLuffy3862d ago


de-protect saves can be fatal in a certain way that save games could be sold over the internet. Easy trophy achievements XD.

fail0verflow3862d ago

"(...) and it will not allow piracy. I plan on keeping it that way."

well, I hope it will last like that for a while

Jezuz3862d ago

@newmonday, lol @ people disagreeing with what you want.

Chris3993862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

where the failoverflow people said that once Sony releases a new SKU, all this custom firmware becomes irrelevant. It's not forward compatible on future models.

Pretty sure we'll see a new SKU in like 1 month, tops. Not even an upgrade, just a stealthy change of the product #.

fail0verflow3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

^^ it's all great and I'm happy for you (hehe lol, jus kidding) but there's just one IF - if it won't make all current games compatibile

JhawkFootball063862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )


Um.. where does it say that in the article? Oh.. it doesnt.. We have already discussed this that sony can only change the metldr key (using this key, you can track every other key), and the root key with a hardware revision which they probably will not do. As for you saying that a new SKU that has different keys will change all of this.. well your right, but sony will not do this since they would have to track every package/update/store item/patches from since the ps3 has been released to the new SKU and then resign ALL of them and publish them for release a The ps3 is hacked.. Then for every future package/update/etc, they would have to release 2 versions, one for the new SKU, and one for the other ones. A "simple" update cannot fix this or else all these hackers would not be ranting about how they have hacked the ps3 for good. These hackers are some of the smartest people when it comes to this stuff and if they say it cant be patched with a simple update why would you not listen. And failoverflow people said this?? That it can be fixed with a update? Very doubtful, since they just had an have an hour long conference named Ps3 Fail.

BBC Article-

ChristianGamer3862d ago

Chris, do you have any idea how long it takes to replace an SKU? This isn't just a hard drive we're talking about here. And what of the 46 million ps3's already out there? This hack will still affect them even if sony does change SKU's. It took over a month for sony to fight jailbreak via firmware, you really think they'll ship new hardware by next month and replace the consoles that are already so stores?

deafwing3862d ago

yea it's cool and all that figured out most of the security architecture but it's all talk and simple programs now. at the same time, these things are precursors to the inevitable (even it may take a longer time)

sdtarm3862d ago

are you dumb you think they are the only ones to make this kind of sht or that other ppl cant simply make a few modifications and thats it??

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rjdofu3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Someone will eventually make it, that's inevitable. You guys may not intent to pirate, but piracy is possible because of you guys. Believe me, this will not just stop at custom firmware and homebrews.

@Balt: LOL kinda suprise me that a non-gamer like you are also interested in hacking ps3.

xino3862d ago

its a super computer that's why...not just a gaming like xbox 360

Christopher3862d ago

Doesn't really matter if KakaRoTo doesn't do it, someone will create CFW that will allow piracy. He's not the only one creating CFW out there.

Chris3993862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Quote: However, according to pytey, it may not be so easy to fix the problem this time.

"The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware," he said. "Sony will have to accept this."

So once they issue new hardware, the exploit is fixed. This is according to the team who hacked it in the first place! Where is the breakdown in comprehension?

I love how people are running around as if this is the end of the world. The 360 and Wii were cracked from almost day one, and it hardly stopped their momentum. Now four years in, the PS3 gets it's due and it's OMGPS3IZDOOMED.

You all really need to get a grip on reality. Console piracy isn't some rampant crisis sweeping the nation. Sure, it happens, but games and consoles STILL sell.

So maybe "one month" was a bit off as an estimate, I am not an expert on console manufacturing. I really have no idea how fast or slow these things move on an internal level (and neither do most of you). But it will be fixed with new hardware, likely sooner rather than later.

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Zeevious3862d ago


One word missing in that title :

Playstation 3 Custom Firmware Doesn't Support Piracy YET

sehnsucht3862d ago

It would certainly be nice if it stayed this way. No online hack apps, no "backup managers", etc. Just good, old-fashioned homebrew. If it works out this way (I guess even if it didn't) we could end up with some really cool stuff for the community. Imagine what kind of video encoding/rendering software we could have now that people will be more interested in making things.

Zashule3862d ago

I agree. I will just be happy if we can get a REAL Linux running on our consoles, and not the boxed out gimped version we had before. I want the full power of the Cell at my fingertips... Muahahahaha!! <.<

I really hope that they keep CFW out of the piracy rings. That is no fun for anyone. Those of us who collect our games will no doubt have our collections devalued at least some due to a few potential buyers deciding to take less ethical routes. It's a shame really.

SnakeMustDie3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

It won't support piracy, good. But it doesn't mean the PS3 won't be hit by piracy. Sooner or later someone will abuse the hack so that they can play backup games.

OtherOS gave both the hackers and Sony a great relationship. They didn't start hacking the console because they can run homebrew (which according to them the was purpose of the hack) on Linux. This relationship was shattered when GeoHot wants to hack the PS3 for unknown reasons when the hacking community already had a more legit means to run homebrew on the PS3.

If the hackers hacked the PS3 just to bring back the OtherOS feature then I won't have any problems. The problem is now that the console is hacked, someone will make a program to run backup games which I am fully against.

OtherOS was already a great feature in which the hackers can run homebrew on. I don't understand why GeoHot wants to hack the PS3 back then.

It is my opinion on the matter. I might be wrong.

Zashule3862d ago

GeoHot's whole purpose in hacking back then was to unlock the restricted sections of the PS3. If you ever used Linux on the PS3, you know what I'm talking about. It is a gimped version to the point where a Windows 98 PC would probably run faster. He wanted full access to the GPU and the blocked off Cell SPUs in order to allow 3D graphics and Video processing and editing as well as being able to use it as a Blueray player in Linux mode. At least that is my assumption.

Jezuz3862d ago

If only there can be something like the homebrew channel for the ps3 and ONLY that without the piracy stuff but most of the time I do pirate movies, Who doesn't?

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