Hands On Report: The PS3 Controller recently had an opportunity to try out a near-final version of the PlayStation 3 controller. We were impressed by the subtle changes to the Dual Shock's winning design.

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achira5382d ago

sounds good. the ps2 controller was the best. but now the ps3 controller will be the best.

ironwolf5382d ago

Maybe the dual non-Shock.

kingboy5382d ago

this controler could still get a suprise change before launch .wait and see...

THE TRUTH5381d ago

This new controller will be perfect for the game I can say I'm most excited about which is LAIR!! The conrtoller will make flying with Dragons a whole lot more fun!! If they can get LAIR released before the holiday rush I think it will be Sony's best flagship titles for the PS3 and really push the interaction with this new controller to new heights.

OutpostCommand5381d ago

Oh yes-
The improved analouges will most definately make Lair a smoother game.
Good news, however as 3 said, there could still be surprises.

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The story is too old to be commented.