IGN: Who Cares About Graphics Anymore?

Striking visual experiences are no longer the sole domain of sects of hypercompetitive technomancers with deep pockets. Instead, they're being made accessible to the average Facebook user.

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Shazz2846d ago

im not a big graphics over gameplay guy but i still love seeing amazing looking games and having them in my collection to show off to m8s .

RememberThe3572846d ago

Thats well said (bubbles). I don't put graphics over gameplay, but I still love great looking graphics.

jwk942846d ago

I like having good graphics, helps immerse you further into the game.

solar2846d ago

wow, what are you 12?

Shazz2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

i ment show the graphics off to m8s not me having certain games lmao . im 24 just to clear that up but i do feel like 12 in my head at times.

nycredude2846d ago

I like having he whole package. Graphics, gameplay, story Tell me would UNcharted series be as good if the graphics sucked?

Gameplay is just as important as graphics. Hell I am playing Crono Trigger again and loving every minute of it. But great graphics can make a really good game into a great game.

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ABizzel12846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Graphics are the perfect icing/decoration for a delicious cake.

You don't need to have icing and decorations on a great tasting cake.

When you bite into that cake you'll love it, but when you see that cake all made up like a wedding cake, and then but it makes the cake that much more better. You see it and go wow, then you taste it and fall in love. Yum.

SnakeMustDie2846d ago

2006, Graphics are the Best!!!
2010, Who cares about Graphics?

mightyboot2846d ago

The obvious responses from obvious characters.

TronEOL2846d ago

I can give you a perfect reason as to why graphics don't matter anymore, but it would cause a fight. So I'll leave that to your imagination.

Sea_Man2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Ahhh I care about graphics! Who ever tells you that graphics doesn't matter is an idiot. Come what's gonna sell when advertised?? A game that looks like a turd or a game that looks like Crysis 2??? Even of the game play and story sucks 90% of people rate a game on it's looks.

This comes for the guys who said ME2 looked better on the PS3....

IGN FAIL! Again!