Zero Punctuation's top 5 best and worst of 2010.

Ben Yahtzee Croshaw brings in the new year with a round up of his best and worst games of 2010.

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LunaticBrandon3858d ago

Great list. Had me going at the end though.

ironfist923858d ago

Halo Reach...

BURNED, just kiddin

Fable 3

Burned again!

pixelsword3858d ago

Dude's gettin' old to me; especially since all he does is mostly whine about games, and then put out that turdstorm of a game he had, which looked like a game for the Atari 5200.

riksweeney3858d ago

Whining about games is the point of his videos.

Dysmorphic3858d ago

His reviews are something of a rarity in this business; comical, yet critical. It's a pleasant change of pace to hear a list of negatives for a title that's probably a good game regardless. More often than not, his comments are spot on.

distorted_reality3858d ago

And it's really very sad when a reviewer that points out negatives is a rarity.

Spenok3858d ago

I love this guy, though i havent played Kane and Lynch 2 yet, the demo didnt seem that bad. I dont know if i would call it the worst game of the year. Oh well i guess, to each his own.

xino3858d ago

i love escaptist magazine, they use knowledge in gaming industry and education to make good videos and articles.


Kane & Leech 2 storymode was FARKING short! it's was alright but definitely better than K & L 1.

JohnApocalypse3858d ago

Zero Punctuation is the only thing I care about on that site

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