GamesRadar: The Anti-Awards 2010

Just a few weeks ago GamesRadar firmly held each others’ hands and danced jigs of joy for 2010’s biggest and best games. Yes, their Platinum Chalice awards were once again a festival of finery directed at the year’s brightest stars, but now come the dreaded Anti-Awards, which force a spotlight on all the bullshit games, trends and ideas people had to endure throughout the year.

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GWAVE3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

The "fail" lists this year always focus on GT5 and try to knock it in some way, but "professional" journalists are missing it.

Ask the GT community if they're disappointed. Everyone is satisfied. Everyone is loving it. Everyone is playing it. How can that be a fail?

Another "journalist" who is trying to act edgy by knocking on GT5...

And how does the "Delay it one more time" award NOT go to Gears of War 3?

GamerSciz3853d ago

It's kind of like people deciding not to see a movie because a "critic" rated the movie low. Hell I don't know how many times I have seen poorly rated movies and enjoyed them plenty from my end. Critics and Game Journalists boast their opinion but in the end it's the consumers that matter. In the case of GT5, the average consumer who bought the game is satisfied to say the least.

Bathyj3853d ago

I think the last game I put so many hours into was GT3.

I really dont see many fans complaining about GT, just hacks on glorified blogs posing as journalist.

Arup023853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Relax. You fanboys seems to get stressed by even the most little things. It's not like GamesRadar is biased against some platform

cruncher_203853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Well I bought GT5 and I have to admit some default but I really enjoy it... Then a friend of mine (which have a 360...) saw my collection edition box and asked me... "So... What about GT5 ? " You know with a smile in his face...
I said that it is a good game and he replied that on metacritic, forza (he own it) have better review... (again with his smile... But we always teasing each other with these fanboy remarks...)

Then I said well try it ! I'm not afraid ... I show him the game, he played and at the end he said... I was expecting something really bad... It's really not bad at all...

You see... according to multiple review he was thinking that the game was a real disappointement but even if he still think that Forza3 is better for him... Now he disapproved negative review... So I really think that people or bashing GT5 just because it's cool more than for an actual and real reason... When journalism become fanNalism !

BrianC62343852d ago

Forza is ruining GT reviews. GT is a certain type of racing game and GT fans like it. Why do reviewers keep expecting Yamauchi to copy whatever Forza started? If we want Forza we'll buy it. I want GT. Forza isn't as much a sim racer. It's more an arcade racer like Need For Speed made to look like a sim racer. The two games should stick to what they do.

come_at_me_bro3853d ago

GT5 is my first Gran Turismo and I'll say the game does have problems, but only with consistency. The graphics are sometimes gorgeous, sometimes a little off. Nothing game breaking. However, the game is easily one of the most fun games I've played all year. "Addicting" would be putting it lightly. I pop the game in and suddenly 3-4 hours vanish, and I have to force myself to put the controller down. If this game is "disappointing", Polyphony Digital can disappoint me any time they want.

JohnnyHalo3853d ago

"Ask the GT community if they're disappointed. Everyone is satisfied. Everyone is loving it. Everyone is playing it. How can that be a fail?"

How is everyone loving it / playing it / masturbating to it (or whatever other inane statement you've made) is anyway true after you just stated yourself that "Professional Journalists" are missing it? These professional journalists have their fair share of gaming experience, and if they felt severely disapointed by GT5, just as i did, then why should anyone take is as a grain of salt? Out of all the gaming websites i've seen, gamers agree that GT5 is a major disapointed and should not even be considered a game. Sim....yes, but the words 'FUN' and 'GAME' should be no where near the same sentance as GT5. Only here on N4g, have these false articles popped up brainwashing the fanboys into thinking this game is worth more than a 3/10 score.......when in isn't.

Bathyj3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Why should anyone take is as a grain of salt?

Uhm, when someone named JohnnyHalo shows up with a Gears avatar and claims GT is worth 3/10 then yeah, give me a heaping big bucket of salt, thanks.

IHateYouFanboys3853d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

@GWAVE: "Ask the GT community if they're disappointed. Everyone is satisfied. Everyone is loving it. Everyone is playing it. How can that be a fail?"

maybe you should go take a look over at GTPlanet - to say that everyone is satisfied is a HUGE lie. people over there are the biggest GT fanboys around, yet majority of them are disappointed with GT5 - even the ones that love the game. they love it, but they are disappointed by many many aspects of it.

"And how does the "Delay it one more time" award NOT go to Gears of War 3?"

maybe because its only been delayed once?

BrianC62343852d ago

I am so tired of the GT5 haters. They just hate the PS3 so they have to find something to put down. As far as Im concerned GT5 is Game of the Year for 2010. Since it came out I haven't really played any other games. All my gaming time has been going to GT5 and it keeps getting better. I bet the haters all spent one hour on GT5 and decided it sucks.

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Azmacna3853d ago

i was happy to wait and i'm happy with the GT5.

MAG_SVER3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Haters are Going to Hate & it's always that GROUP that doesn't get to PLAY IT.

SONY + GT5 + Gamers = PLAYB3YOND!!!

Be a gamer NOT a hater :)

Azmacna3853d ago

i often wonder whether articles like this are deliberately put together to take the edge off other games that are doing rather well review wise... LBP2 for instance. it can only backfire because it gives the GT5 community the opportunity to put the records straight and of course it promotes GT5 all over again

despair3853d ago

I started reading the list and all that's going thru my mind is "lame, lame, flamebait, blatant fanboy fishing, lame" Gave up after the second page.

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