Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow ‘Reverie’ DLC Teased

Hell Descent: Castlevania Lords of Shadow received mostly positive reviews, and a mixed bag with hardcore Castlevania fans. However, it seems to have done well enough to earn itself some DLC! All we know at this is that the DLC’s title is “Reverie”, and a question posted by Konami on their facebook.

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VenomProject3858d ago


I'm disappointed in myself for not picking this game up on launch like I should have...

FrankMcSpank3858d ago

I got this one on day one. It was so underrated. One of the best games of 2010. I would of put it up for GOTY, Story, Graphics, and Adventure. I wish it got more attention. 20+ hours well spent.

deafwing3856d ago

O_o didn't even know about a dlc; good thing I didn't sell it yet :D

mike90773858d ago

This game was awesome loved the ending will definitely get the dlc.

Eamon3858d ago

I'm actually interested in seeing the second DLC since it's directly after the ending.
Will be playing as Dracula-Gabriel?

showtimefolks3858d ago

after playing it sold it back but if dlc is any good i will buy it again a little later.

that's why GOTY is a good thing we get the game with all the dlc

but awesome ending

KeiserSosay47883858d ago

The music in this game had me singing randomly for weeks....the battle music, I mean

xino3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

you mean Vampire music.

I sing it all the time too:)

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)