Naughty Dog: 'We're not done with Drake'

CVG: Naughty Dog has revealed that it has no intention of ditching series star Nathan Drake any time soon - indicating that the gruff hero may yet head up Uncharted 4 in the future.

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Shazz3859d ago

hope it goes on for a 4th , 5th and 6th uncharted coz drake is such a cool character and sully well he sweats like a hooker in church which wins me over lol

metsgaming3859d ago

as long as naughty dog is still making it then yes but if they hand it off to another dev i would rather it be left alone.

DualConsoleOwner3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

not that i have problems with drake, but it wouldnt be fun if i know that drake survives every time before i finish the game.

so i think it would be more interesting if they change characters around.

captain-obvious3858d ago

after uncharted 3 i want ND to do something else maybe a new IP
DO NOT milk uncharted

TheLastGuardian3858d ago

Of course they're not done with Drake. They always do 4 games in a series before handing it off to another developer. I can't wait to play Uncharted Team Racing lol.

RememberThe3573858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

If they decide to work on something else or change characters I'd rather them just start a new IP. They might do that next gen anyway.

Uncharted is the best new IP this generation in my opinion. I'd love to see it go on for a long time, but you also have to understand that ND may want to try new things outside of uncharted the way they wanted to outside of Jak & Daxter. Whatever they do they'll have my support.

evrfighter3858d ago

ND should go into the dairy business

KingPin3858d ago


would that be the same dairy business that bungie started?

nevermind, your lack of bubbles is a good indication of your previous posts.

JoySticksFTW3858d ago

Drake is probably the best character this generation (next to Old Snake for me).

And UN1 & 2 are in a fierce brawl for greatest game this gen top honors along with Demon's Souls and MGS4 (which if you're a MGS fan, is one of the greatest games EVER along with MGS3)

All that said, I want to miss Uncharted a little. We've already had two Uncharted's in a relatively small timeframe. I want them to spend time crafting an absolutely amazing story. And I want it to feel special when it's finally released.

Please don't milk this franchise.

CaptainPunch3858d ago

Hopefully that never happens, only Naughty Dog can work on the Uncharted series.

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Hands Up For Games3858d ago

Couldnt agree more, the Uncharted franchise is easily one of my favourite this gen but it will be double standards by lots on here if some people dont see this as the milking of a franchise.

Halo gets a lot of hate, Uncharted gets a lot of love. Only on N4G! Thank god we represent about 0.000003% of all gamers out there!

Giant_Chibi3858d ago

When a franchise continually brings sequel after sequel with no major improvements then it's definitely milking. Certain games out there are putting out sequels that make no effort in improving the graphics or the gameplay mechanics.

On the other hand, Uncharted continues to improve title after title. The improvements from Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 have made huge leaps in graphics, gameplay, physics, animation, level design, etc.

If naughty dog has more to offer with Uncharted, then why not allow them to build the franchise to its fullest potential. Once their ideas become stale, that is when they should stop making sequels. If they continue to innovate, then I don't see why they shouldn't continue to make sequels.

Hands Up For Games3858d ago


Couldnt agree more! Wouldnt you say that Halo has also made improvements across the board as well though?

Not having a go at you, you seem like a reasonable person its just that some on here dont like to admit to such things.

Giant_Chibi3858d ago

Yes, I'd be a fool if I didn't notice some of the major changes halo has made in gameplay.

Like h3's equipment or reach's armor abilities. Those additions changed up even the most seasoned of halo players' strategies.

And let's not forget that halo was the first to do away with health packs and fully embrace rechargeable health, completely overhauling the flow of combat. In older games or in h1 and currently reach, when you're low on health, you play defensively and immediately search for a health pack. It's part of the strategy of carefully planning your next move in advancing around certain areas. (which is mostly the reason why it's back in reach)

But, in h2 things were more aggressive and faster paced because of rechargeable shields. It allowed for the flow of combat to be continuous without any stops in between to find a health pack. Back then it was a refreshing relief to be able to approach a game without placing too much concern on maintaining my health. That was a pretty innovative break through for the traditional concept of health meters. Now, rechargeable health is something you see in almost every game, call of duty and uncharted included.

blackburn53858d ago

Sony's games improve and get better with each sequel (UC, LBP, ICO, Jak and Daxter KZ). Halo is the same game everytime. All that stuff everyone says about each Halo being better then the last, I don't see it. It's definately milked.Halo sequel play like expansion packs. I know everyone is itching to disagree but the sequels play like they just picked up what ever they left on the cutting room floor from the last game and stitched them togethe3

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phinch3858d ago

Did anyone else notice when the paw comes up on naughty dog logo, you can here the collection of mango's sounds from the crash badicoot series

Megaton3858d ago

Eh... there aren't many things I'd like to see make it to a 6, even things I really like. For example, I'm a die-hard Mass Effect fan, but I want it to end as the originally-planned trilogy. I don't want them to drag it any further.

lh_swe3858d ago

I don't think ND should be afraid of carrying on with Uncharted because as Chloe so eloquently said;'You dance with the girl that brought you'...and from a financial standpoint it would be unwise to put Uncharted on ice, I do however think that they should perhaps take longer between games, expand and make other games inbetween...basically to give the team a breather and do the games justice in terms of effort and 'freshness'.

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Matthew943859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

yeah they need to milk every last drop instead of making a new IP which they are certainly capable of

they did make Crash and Jak, how about a sequel to one of those or a new platforming game

SnakeMustDie3859d ago

I want a sequel for the PSP2.

poopoojames3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

that will likely be the destination of their next Nathan Drake game after U3. I don't game on portables so I'd prefer an U4 on ps3.

Megaton3858d ago

I think they'd be wasting Naughty Dog's time and talent with a portable game.

ChristianGamer3858d ago

Feeling a lil thirsty. Does anybody have some water? No? Got Milk?

DelbertGrady3858d ago

Uncharted 4: Modern Warfare.


PlayerX3858d ago

What? No. It's Sony so it's no milking.

wildcat3858d ago

This is one tit I wouldn't mind getting nursed from till I've had my fill!

Spenok3858d ago

So long as they manage to stay so juicy and round then im all for it! xD

Cajun Chicken3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Personally, I'm so used to ND making a trilogy that I kind of want Uncharted to end. Well, not end, just take a break. Bring back Jak for a while, then I'll have more Drake and Uncharted. That, or I'd love to see what ND does with a new IP.

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