Black Xbox 360 With Larger Hard Drive, HD-DVD and HDMI Built In Coming Soon

The Official Xbox Magazine has released some rather interesting rumours regarding the Xbox 360. The rumours include the release of a black 360, the new Zunes cross compatibility and news that Splinter Cell 5 has already begun production.

Read the full story for all of the rumours and the sources to....

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Marriot VP5376d ago

Wow, rumor list. Anyways a 250gb hard drive is insanely outlandish. That first new sku package would be a horrible idea for many obvious reasons.

G_CodeMonkey5375d ago

While not for me, if someone wants all that, let'm have it.

For those who feel "cheated" by M$, you got what they promised. There is no "unfair"--you agreed to buy a particular SKU and got it.

The 250GB may well be for a soon-to-be-released DVR functionality.

The HDMI would be nice, but not required. My 60" SONY tv does a good enough job with current hi-def. Now, if I didn't have a 360 yet I'd love to get it with HDMI (obviously), but I'm very happy with my two (and neither has broken, nor given the red rings). gCM

kingboy5376d ago

lol everything is same
HD media coming
Hard drive coming
Camera coming
HDMI support coming
oh ! and
Black 360 ....u got the picture?
it`s a freaking Black ps3

BIadestarX5376d ago

The PS3 will release a 250gb HD? Ohh wait; you can replace the HD...! Unless Sony it's planning to release a 3rd SKU for $1,500.

FordGTGuy5376d ago

Its just some dumbass rumor that will never happen. There are alot of rumors floating around all the time that never come true.

kingboy5376d ago

ah! cut the crap u know what i mean and i`m not in the mood for ur 360 arguements ..take it to another person

shotty5376d ago

If you know microsoft then you know they design products that are approachable by the average customer. What does including an HD-DVD drive do and with a 250GB drive. Sure it's great but it will cost alot. More than the top of a line ps3 since a 250GB drive would be expensive maybe a 100 or 120GB but not 250GB. This bundle might happen in 2 years when things are cheaper but not now.

Thugbot1875375d ago

You can get a 250gb drive for $63, and hard-drive prices drop almost every 2 to 3 months, so this is very doable for a cheap price. But why bother when you have Datel XSATA for 49.99 at bestbuy.

shotty5375d ago

Xbox 360 harddrive are not standard 3.5 inch drives. They are the smaller 2.5 inch drives that are found in most laptops.

DEIx15x85375d ago

Shotty is correct, the Xbox used standard drives while the 360 uses laptop ones which aren't available in 250 gb versions yet. So this can't happen any time soon.

TheMART5375d ago

OH yes it is possible to use 2.5 inch larger HDD's. When someone that owns a XDK to get it programmed

And some are stolen/sold on the internet. So I guess soon there will be places to get large 360 HDD's from someone else then MS, to fit on your 360

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The story is too old to be commented.