CVG: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A Classic in the Making?

The mind-blowing Deus Ex: Human Revolution reveal trailer took a development sideteam an entire year to craft, costing untold millions.

Before work on the game began, the 120-strong main crew spent twelve months simply playing previous titles in the series (yep, even Project: Snowblind, bless 'em) to immerse themselves in the mythology of Warren Spector's sci-fi opus.

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MariaHelFutura3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

2027. The Human Revolution.

Transhumanist GOTY 2011.

GWAVE3859d ago

I wasn't interested in this game until this week (seeing the gameplay trailer). I love the first Deus Ex and have beaten it dozens of times over the years. But it looks so dang GOOD! And hearing all of the cool aspects of the game (like, you can complete the game while only killing the bosses) gets me so psyched.

Sorry Portal 2 and Killzone, but mid-Spring might belong to this game.

MariaHelFutura3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

What are you talking about?

Killzone 3, Deus Ex and Portal 2 have nothing in common besides being in the 1st person perspective.

I`ll be buying all of them.

Spydiggity3859d ago

he didn't say they had anything in common...aside from proximity of release dates.

showtimefolks3859d ago

a solid release date but take your time devs we can waite if the end result is a masterpiece

ironfist923859d ago

I still cant get over that EPIC director's cut trailer, I wish they'd release it on PSN in 1080p.

Baka-akaB3859d ago

Indeed , I'd rather have square do that in cgi movies over stuff like advent children

Ducky3859d ago

It's always stereotypes though.

Skinny androgynous males prancing around with swords or a gruffy white guy with short-brown hair.

The trailer still kicks ass though... and I thought MGS4's cinematic trailer would never get topped.

Baka-akaB3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

i have very little issues with stereotypes .

Thing is i find advent pretty , the action really well done , but the movie quite crappy and its story insulting to the original FF7 game (wich ironically is even far from being my favorite) .

At least that particular Deus ex , as a movie could have been a rather cool ghost in the shell clone

Stealth20k3859d ago

its only itneresting because of the rpg elements.....without it it looks like everyrthign else

fredfenster3859d ago

Without it it's still looking awesome. But imo it's indeed the rpg elements that can push this game beyond.

Arup023859d ago

If the game is like the trailer, GOTY 2011...

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The story is too old to be commented.