Red Dead Redemption Tops Black Ops in Rentals

This year’s list of most requested titles clearly shows that gamers were excited about the shooter and action adventure genres in 2010. Although Call of Duty: Black Ops set sales records, from a rentals perspective it was edged out by Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption.

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donniebaseball3478d ago

Well RDR was arguably a better game anyway.

WildArmed3478d ago

'arugably' lol ^_^
In my book it definitely was alot better game.
It was quite different than most games, I guess the thing I loved about it the most was the old west atmosphere and the amazing character depth :D

The shooting was awkward at first, but gets better as you play the game.

Online was hella fun and lots and LOTS to do :D

Arup023478d ago

"It was quite different than most games" It is GTA IV in a new skin.

WildArmed3478d ago

Yes Indeed. /s
Ignorance is bliss.