Assassin's Creed rating changed

Assassin's Creed which received a T for Teen rating for blood, violence, and strong language less than two weeks ago has seemingly had it's rating changed to a M for Mature rating for blood, violence and strong language.

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purin5124d ago

It clearly is suppose to be a M rated game
This still doesn't change how good it's gonna be ^_^

jkoz5124d ago

Sweet, but I always thought this would be an M-rated game anyway...

VaeVictus5124d ago

Should be M-rated for blood, violence, strong language, and unlockable Jade Raymond nude photos.

BlackIceJoe5124d ago

This is good news with the study saying M games sell the best this is good news. Plus seeing as most of my favorite games are M it is good to know Ubisoft will not hold any thing back to get the lower rating for the younger kids. Not long now until I can play this game.

Droynas5124d ago

This is kind of funny because these things seems a big deal in the US. Here in sweden these things hardy excist. Sure they got an age but no one, and i mean no one, cares about it. It can be adult only and you still see kids playing it.

Mr Scooch5123d ago

I'm from the UK and our new Prime Minister said the other day that one of his priorities was to "tackle violence in video games"!!! Don't worry about the scandal that is Iraq and the Middle East. Don't worry about schooling or rising gun crime. Lets ban violent video games as that will obviously make the country a much better place!!!

Anyway this wasn't meant to be a politically motivated speech haha. What I'm saying is that I'm quite sure that Sweden has a much lower crime rate than the UK and yet you let your kids play "X-rated" games (for want of a better term).

I don't let my 2 daughter's play games above their age range. Tho to be fair that's coz I'm selfish and all the time they're on the 360 is time I could be on it haha!

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The story is too old to be commented.