Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Standard vs. Gold (Goozex Value Bin)

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is currently available in the Value Bin as a standard edition. There was a Gold edition as well, but across all purchase locations, it goes for three to five times the price of the original!

Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation discusses the greatness of finding gems you may have missed the first time in the Goozex Value Bin, and tries to help you decide if the Gold edition is worth plunking down the extra cash to you.

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RyanDJ3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

fixed image issue..should work now.

showtimefolks3242d ago

the 2nd was just ok at best they didn't change anything besides adding one fusion power.

marvel 2
rainbow six vegas 2
crackdown 2

to me are the 3 sequels that had potential to live upto the hype but didn't

JimmyJames703243d ago

Image looks great to me, the game on the other hand, dunno, I've never played it. But it could be fun. Might check it out later.

Arup023242d ago

It's very fun imo. I tough the first one was better than the second.

ddelella3242d ago

I have the gold edition. I had to buy it once they took away the DLC for the games in the Xbox marketplace. Sad they never made a gold for the second one since they took that content away too. I downloaded it but no one else will be able to. That is why the gold is much more expensive.

JimmyJames703242d ago

They should make a gold for the second edition!

djcitizend3242d ago

Any idea why the extra content was removed?

RyanDJ3242d ago

My first guess is copyright laws. Maybe the license on the characters expired. They can't remove it from a physical disc, though.

I remember seeing somewhere a list of the things that have actually been taken off of XBL, and it was very, VERY small. Like some yaris racing game that stunk (even for free), and other than that mainly licensed materials. That's probably why we don't see some classic games on Wii's Virtual Console as well...and why it was such a huge argument to get Goldeneye back (license, engine, original team, original console, all different companies).

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