Call of Duty Black Ops Future Updates (version 1.06+)

David Vonderhaar has posted details of future updates of Call of Duty Black Ops on the official forum, revealing possible changes Treyarch are considering. One of which will give the person who 'downs' a Second Chance user the full kill credit, while the player who finishes the player off gets an assist.

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Nate-Dog3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I'm guessing so, since it ya know broke pre-order records and stuff.

MerkinMax3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Comments like that are just ignorant.

On topic; I'm glad they are toning down the AK74u, it is almost every players top weapon. The possible last stand changes sound great. I use last stand and I must admit that it is quite a crutch, but I use it to keep killstreaks going.

outwar60103242d ago

im pretty sure he was being sarcastic dude but cod is a pretty rough diamond ya dig?

RBLAZE19883242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Yea I guess we all paid 65-150 bucks for a beta...:/

This is stuff that should have been noticed in testing. Hell I noticed all these issues within the first few weeks of playing. Thank god I sold this garbage. hopefully Next year COD doesn't break any records because people should be fed up with this crap.

Retro_Zombie3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Anyone want to buy a copy of Bl Ops harden edition?

KillerBBs3241d ago

none of the things you are fixing would be even be at the bottom of my list. Fix the game and quit re-setting my "Kill to Death ratio". I don't care about boosters. If that's your thing then have at it, Paper Dragon! Trayack is just Pissing everyone off by re-setting it! Clueless, just like this next patch.

Funny how they are not going to address the "invulnerability period" in second chance... I notice this in the crappy campaign! Many of the enemies had "invulnerability period"! If they perform an action like jumping over a trench or some kind of special ai movement they were "invulnerabile" to my gun shots... Just a waste of ammo.

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-Alpha3242d ago

Why are you even here then? This article clearly isn't for you, it's amazing how many times a COD article can get trolled on.

King-Leonidas3242d ago

meh, i havent played black ops for weeks now

edhe3242d ago

People still mocking COD because they think it's cool? LOL.


ambientFLIER3242d ago

ZOMG, Infinity Ward like sucks and stuff!! Am I cool now? :P

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DoomeDx3242d ago

Mehh CoD Patches are never really that intresting.

Dont get me wrong, i know that patches should FIX things, but most developers also add new things or change some things in terms of gameplay..CoD doesnt do that. It only fixes some things which are pretty much not noticable

Dart893242d ago

" It only fixes some things which are pretty much not noticable.
On the other end it always breaks something else.

-Alpha3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Did you read the patch notes? This is about gameplay tweaks. I doubt you guys enjoy COD so I really don't understand the constant negativity towards it. You're seriously complaining about them not "adding" new gameplay things? Who does that?

DoomeDx3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I played BO at the friends house, and i enjoyed it. Just not worth my 60 bucks.

So dont say im just pushing out negativity towards the Call of Duty genre.

The thing is, all the patches of the games i have, i was always antipated for the new patch (Killzone, GT5, Bad Company 2, etc etc).

Whenever i saw the changelog, i was like: ''Damn gotta start playing it again!''

The thing about Call of Duty is, that all the patches only change unimportant things..Like the grip on the AK-74u. What the hell? No one complained about that.

How about them fixing all the technical issues on the PS3 instead of pumping out small patches every 3 - 4 weeks.

-Alpha3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Actually, the AK74u has been complained about a lot. If you read these notes you'd see their justification: way overused and easy to perfect because of how easy it resets after kick. You've only played at a friend's house so I don't see how you would know otherwise. Additionally you claim not to be excited about a patch but why would you when you don't even own the game? I don't get the criticism here. Last patch they changed the way snipers play, and now they are considering tweaks for some of the gameplay. Why does it have to be so "interesting"?

Also, the PS3 version runs fine for the most part-- yes there are more issues with it, but they HAVE been releasing patches and hotfixes. It's not like they haven't.

King-Leonidas3242d ago

``You're seriously complaining about them not "adding" new gameplay things? Who does that?´´

Polyphony Digital does it.

NeloAnjelo3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

The Negativity towards COD was earned... Based on the number of glitches, the patches to "fix" these and unbalanced gameplay... for a game that is breaking records, it sure is broken...

Secondly there has been 4 CODs in 4 years, with not much improvement. I feel is the 1 year dev time. What can they fix or improve upon? No wonder the games are riddled with problems. Secondly, for the biggest selling game, gameplay on one of the major console is problematic at best. Single player is also lack luster. Yet the game retails at a higher price and was the first to charge $15. for maps. This, IMO is cosumer milking.

MW3 2011 release? Who knows. I hope not. Then maybe I'll consider getting it. I juse see the same every year.

Don't worry I feel the same about sport games.

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SeanScythe3242d ago

Yah! Lets fix a gun that has nothing wrong with it, while not fixing things that people are complaining about.

Takoulya3242d ago

You're quite stupid if you think the AK-74u has nothing wrong with it. It's the cheapest gun in the game. An SMG with no recoil and Assault Rifle range.

SJPFTW3242d ago

look at the damage charts and see that it doesnt have assault rifle range, it doesnt even have assault rifle damage. If your getting outgunned by an smg at distance thats cuz you suck

edhe3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

You mean the most awesome.

AK74u + rapid fire on a running class = killfest.

*edit - and if you hate that class? load up a shotgun class and kill him faster.. or a spectre with rapid fire.

SeanScythe3242d ago

Sounds like a personal problem, and you must suck to just stand there to be killed by that gun at over 50ft. It's for close range quit being a baby and learn to play.

antz11043241d ago

An experienced player can use the AK47u all the way thru and OWN players using the commando or the G11. Takoulya is right, to some extent. I just think its a great gun that they offer it too early in the SMG ranking. Saying "he must suck" is just a crap, cop out arguement.

Personally I think the person that downs someone should get the kill, thats awesome. IDK how many times I've done that and got the assist.

KillerBBs3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The tiny little arrow via bow from Rambo does more damage than the rockets... but less splash. Thanks Trayack for a steady flow of not thinking things out! just like the Ak47u and the RC.

Thanks for the Damage chart SJPFTW.

PS. I have two clips of me shooting someone directly with the rockets and it some how goes right though the individual with out hurting them... exploding inches away. (no jacket)

This game is awesome if it work correctly. But since it doesn't... I'll put it right next to Gears. Cool games that suck and don't work!

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KaiokenKid3242d ago

Did they ever fix that stuff some people were bitching about on the PS3 version?

Jac5al3241d ago

Yes they did, but there are still some issues.

KaiokenKid3241d ago

Well, like i said in a few threads on this, I know three people that play this alot on PS3 that never really complained. I know this isnt indicative of the situation, im just saying I have trouble believing its really that broken for most people.

BeaArthur3241d ago

No the PS3 version still has frequent issues. To sum it up, it's nearly impossible for you to stay in the same room for more than 4 rounds. The servers for this game are laughable on the PS3.

KaiokenKid3240d ago

Again, I dont think thats how it is for everybody because I know a good number of people who never complain about that. So while it might be a issue, how wide spread is it?

BeaArthur3240d ago

Doesn't matter how wide spread it is because it's more than 1 or 2 people suffering from the same problems. The game has been out for 2 months and still doesn't perform like any "AAA" game should on day 1. I didn't even mention the infinite loading glitch which I know for a fact many people are suffering from and has been directly addressed by Treyarch in their forums...they're "working on it". This game is garbage. When running correctly it's great but that doesn't happen the majority of the time.

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mightyboot3242d ago

"Second Chance user can only be revived once"

per match?

oddexarcadia3242d ago

I know he didn't specify, though I am assuming they are making it so it is one pick up per spawn.

mightyboot3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I assumed already was that way!

Im not getting the game without a proper fix.

Dart893242d ago

Don't bother getting it at all.

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