GAMER-0 # 31: Should Rocksteady Make A Superman Game?

T-Hill writes: Superman one of the most powerful heroes in comic book history with some of the weakest video games in history. Could Rocksteady the creative minds behind the breakout hit Batman Arkham Asylum be the first developers to produce a good Superman game. Let me know what you think about my idea for a stellar Superman game inspired by Batman Arkham Asylum.

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NYC_Gamer2841d ago

would be the best superman game ever made in my opinion

Focker4202841d ago

That wouldn't really be a stretch considering there hasn't ever been a good Superman game.

himdeel2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

...makes any decent game impossible for him. The second some random thug shoots Superman and he looses a hit point or you're restricted in where you can fly the game is already broken.

Just a thought...meh it's a fact that a good Superman game cannot take place on Earth. You have to have restrictions and beyond a 15 minute game where you'd fight Doomsday on Earth or something like that any other scenario is painful game.

showtimefolks2841d ago

since they have done a great job with batman i say give them a chance

Balt 2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Why, so we could control Superman in tight quartered areas and air ducts? No thanks. Batman was boring and tedious. Granted I didn't make it very far, the court yard I believe, but even still it was all the same stuff I was doing. Maybe it opened up later, I don't know?? But as it stood, Batman AA wasn't that good. It was like a Metal Gear solid game (which I already hate), that controlled and looked better.


I was going for the control system which really lended it self well to the kind of combat that super heroes perform. The reason the game was very closed enviroment is because that is how Batman's universe is, since were talking about Superman the world would have to much larger of course. For your part about it openning up later in the game it does, based on what your saying it sounds like you didn't enjoy the game which is fine to each his own.

This topic was geared towards Superman fans and fans of the Batman AA game. If you could at least provide something constructive that would be really apprecaited...if your not a fan of either subject matters and have nothing better to do please don't just come and leave negative comments.

Seijoru2841d ago

Since when does UE2's lame plastic models looks better than MGS4?

VenomProject2841d ago

Balt is a giant, multi-account troll. Pay him no mind.

ironfist922841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I wish Rocksteady would make a Spawn game.

Raendom2841d ago

Spawn on the SNES was awesome enough.

KillerPwned2841d ago

hell yeah i miss Spawn he was the shit.

Tdmd2841d ago

Superman game? Uh... no, thank you.

cochise3132841d ago

A superman game would be Charles Barkley "Turrable"

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