Next Assassin's Creed title teased in Edge magazine?

CC: Well, after we were successful in suggesting that Uncharted 3 would feature as the feature cover of this month’s Edge magazine – ahead of the games announcement, we may add – the publication has provided us with another tease, which strongly indicates of an upcoming reveal for the next Assassin’s Creed title.

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kharma453232d ago

Assassin's Creed has gone from strength to strength. First one was a great concept but poorly executed in areas, second was amazing improvement and Brotherhood was fantastic, really hyped for another game now :D I just hope it's a proper sequel now, a proper AC3 not a spin-off.

mjolliffe3232d ago

GameInformer are revealing "an unannounced sequel" in their next magazine too. More hints. Would love to see Assassin's Creed III announced with a new setting.

World War II would be very interesting.

RedDead3232d ago

Would be nice to assassinate hitler

DelbertGrady3232d ago

London, before and after the bombs. Would be cool.

Arup023232d ago

No more games in the WWII! I would love to see an AC in london

Eamon3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Victorian England


Feudal Japan

guigsy3232d ago

We already had an Assassin's Creed game set during WWII. It was called The Saboteur.

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showtimefolks3232d ago

how about taking some risks and implanting new ideas like brotherhood had of making your own team/solider/brotherhood

but a new setting/character is really not needed to be honest EZIO (i know i am spelling it wrong) is a well liked character.

but i don't want this to become a Madden of AC games there were 8 different studios who worked on AC:BH so when you have that many teams sometimes the end product feels like the ideas for 8 different people.

but keep up a good work more variety of missions would be nice also.

rainbow six
a proper prince of Persia game
a proper rayman game
when is future soldier coming
beyond good and evil 2?
a new IP anyone.

ubi have many IPs that i would love to see more off but as long as AC keep selling they will keep making it i don't blame them just wish there was more variety

visualb3232d ago

I agree, AC has actually improved over time, so its a respectable franchise (even if maybe a bit milked)

Lets hope IF true, then at least its a good game.

ironfist923232d ago

Milking would mean that the quality of game has dropped, or that with each iteration, nothing has been improvedon ala: Call Of Duty, Guitar Hero etc.

AC only continues to add new and fresh ideas with great stories and mechanics.

visualb3232d ago

I disagree, I'd say a milked franchise is a franchise released at least yearly.

thats my opinion anyway, still i'd also be inclined to agree that theres "good" milking and "bad" milking =)

saladthieves3232d ago

Since this is going to be a yearly release, I REALLY HOPE that they don't overmilk the franchise...But I have trust and faith in Ubi. They'll do a good job.

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The_Nameless_One3232d ago

I am still unable to play the game because of a bug Ubisoft seems to not wanting to fix. For some reason they have taken the ' LA LA LA LA LA LA....WE CAN'T HEAR YOU" approach. I'm over that series, I'm over that company. Brotherhood, while being a good game, is just a bug infested train wreck.

VenomProject3232d ago

I never encountered any glitches on the PS3 version, are you referring to the tunnel glitch?

The_Nameless_One3232d ago

No. I have the white gradient glitch. The game is still playable but the white haze on the screen just makes for a bad experience. I bought the game on day one and I got the bug a couple of hours into my session.

I actually took a picture of it. I lowered the in-game brightness so it would make it more pronounced.

VenomProject3232d ago

Oh yeah, I noticed that while I was playing too. There's like a large band of white higher up on the screen, that was pretty annoying...

I just thought it was part of the game though, lol.

The_Nameless_One3232d ago

No dude. It's not part of the game. IMO it's a cheap bloom effect that backfired on them.

Omar913232d ago

i need to pick up brotherhood. maybe after the price drops ill get it.

Spykedude3232d ago

I wonder if it will be a women assassin this time.

Seduce guards to gain infomation, items and then kill them

smashman983232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

i actually dont want to be a woman in that game i mean dont get me wrong if they ever decided to throw in co-op which was talked bout i think it would be good but just the idea of desmond becoming a girl and then seducing people i dont think i would be able to take it seriously


ps: btw i totally agree its a good gameplay idea as long as its not desmond who is being the girl

pr0digyZA3232d ago

ROFL you seriously think they'd do that... Wow but i LOLed(<- i don't think thats a word) at that.

Eamon3232d ago

smashman98, what the f*** are you smoking?

He means a female ancestor assassin. Not Desmond going transvestite. rofl

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