Are Shorter Attention Spans Hurting The Role-Playing Genre?

PSX Extreme: It's why one camera angle isn't utilized for more than ten consecutive seconds when filming television shows or movies. It's why everything from commercials to cartoons has to constantly be in the face of the viewer. The information age has resulted in many positive things, but one of the negative results has been a society of instant gratification-seeking, something-must-always-be-happe ning, sneaker-gazing people.

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ArtsyGamer3238d ago

I think the mmo community would disagree.

RedDead3238d ago

Not with FFXIII. I've played FF4 and FF7(again) recently, also Xenogears a few months ago. They're all brillant, FFXIII just sucks. That's all.

Neckbear3238d ago

Developers nowadays are well known for catering a certain fanbase and tailoring videogames that "click" with people's needs instead of giving two shits about it and simply focusing on making a good game.

But, ah well.

Valay3238d ago

I would say it's possible...

SpaceSquirrel3238d ago

JRPGs are better in the past than they are right now.