OPM Raves About Mass Effect 2 in Review writes, "In February's issue of the Official Playstation Magazine, the staff has posted their official review of Mass Effect 2 for the Playstation 3. It's no secret that the Mass Effect series has been a fan favorite on the Xbox 360 for the past few years, but when a title is brought over to another console it can sometimes lose its magic."

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RedRedSuitSDF3233d ago

It's good to see that people without and Xbox 360 and/or a PC, can finally come out of the closet, and be excited about this game. It's a great game. GREAT game. His speech at the end will give you chills and pump you up! Awesome game!

That's why it won out in a close poll on my site over Red Dead by 5 points for Game of the Year.

himdeel3233d ago

I'm enjoying the lore and story and expect to have a fantastic time playing ME2 but the gunplay is weak for a 3rd person action RPG. Story is the saving grace for this game.

Marceles3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Didn't really feel like much of an RPG compared to the first one, but still a great game. Combine ME2's story and technical cleanups with ME1's deeper RPG elements and we'd have a perfect game.

RedDead3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Also take out the Mineral collecting bullshi*. For all PS3 gamers who are going to buy it, you have to do the mineral collecting if you don't want characters to die at the end, quite like with Heavy rain, there's is a "good" ending, in which you did everything right, and then the other endings where you fail to win or collect stuff in this case.

@Dground, a little less stimulating...a LITTLE? it's the second most boring thing i've done in a game this gen.

NoBias3233d ago

Ugh, F playing with only guns though. It's all about the Adept ha. Too many shooters are already on the market to play as a soldier. Seems like a bit of a waste to me.

When you really get good at controlling the squad and you have your quick commands set, the battle system/gun play is SICK.

presto7173233d ago

why did bioware release the game with that stupid mining minigame? there is no way they could have thought that junk would be fun. Other than that, I can honestly say Mass Effect 2 is perfect in everything else. Best game I have played in a long, long time. Brilliant.

Raf1k13233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I'm playing through ME2 again and it's just as great as the first time.

I just wish there was more you could do with your resources. You're stuck with what you can get off planets. Would be nice if you could buy and sell resources as you see fit like you could in Freelancer. That way you could sell your huge stockpiles of Palladium for some extremely hard to find Element Zero.

dgroundwater3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Mineral collecting is fine. I recommend ritalin for those who can't slow down for 5 minutes of their sitting to do something a little less stimulating.

At least it injects a little realism into the whole spacefaring business. The Normandy isn't a level-warper like the pipes in Mario. You actually have to live off the land along the way, because the Council sure as heck does not have your back.

bananlol3233d ago

Did you know ritalin is an amphetamine derivate?

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Kithara123233d ago ShowReplies(6)
himdeel3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I cannot dispute your argument again because I haven't played full game but my preconceived notion about this game prior to ever booting up the demo and seeing reviews was that everything about ME2 was amazing, from story to gameplay.

Seeing the reviews you'd think there were little to no flaws with this game...although friends I know that enjoyed 1 complained about rpg elements in 2...if there complaints are justified I'll never know.

I just found that the gunplay was "meh" in the demo of ME2 and I was dumbly expecting Uncharted level gunplay.

NoBias3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I haven't checked out what they give you in the demo but if it's the first level, then you probably didn't have any squad mates yet (which wouldn't make for a great demo)

But your team is what the game is all about. You travel in a group of 3 and have control of not only yourself, but also your two teammates (Your only allowed to bring 2 from your ship onto missions but you recruit a ton of different members).

Trust, it's sick when you start getting it down and it flows great. All the different abilities compliment each other really well.

blackburn53233d ago

Hmmmm!!! I wonder who will be the first hater to say ' Of course they say it's good. It's a Playstation magazine' ? Anyway nice way to start the New Year LBP2 is epic, ME2 is great, Dead Space 2 is good. All I need now is for KZ3, Sorcery, Slambolt Scrappers, Undersiege and MS:A to rock and I'm good..... for now

blizzard_cool3233d ago

Dead Space 2 ain't good, it's GREAT!

Active Reload3233d ago

"Hmmmm!!! I wonder who will be the first hater to say ' Of course they say it's good. It's a Playstation magazine' ?"

Which means absolutely nothing since its a multi-plat game. Your comment wasn't even worth stating.

Kakihara3233d ago

I'm honestly not asking this just to be a dick, I really want to know. Can someone tell me what's so great about Mass Effect 2??

I played the first game on 360 and enjoyed it and having played both the PC and PS3 demos for this game (Both of which feature different long levels) I feel like I've played enough to get a taste of it. I thought it was pretty good but nothing in it so far has jumped out at me as GOTY material.

I find the combat rather clunky, the story so far and characters remind me more of early evening low budget sci fi like Babylon 5 or Battlestar galactica than any classic intelligent science fiction or even good old sci fi fun like Star wars.

I found the choices hilariously limited, at one point when asked to relinquish my guns before entering a prison ship I had the amazingly different choices of 'no' and 'Go to hell'. I can understand not every decision can be a game changer but would it be so hard to give you the option to have to steal a gun off of the first enemy you kill just to keep up the illusion that you have any control over your decisions?

Also, trying to find a non violent solution to a Mexican standoff is kinda ruined by the fact that I have my regular choices that may or may not work then these two large red or blue choices that are pretty much guaranteed to work every time.

By now, most of you dumb kids must have worn your skinny little fingers off pushing that disagree button, that's fine but those of you with a little intelligence try and understand I'm not trying to rag on this game. I want to have my first impressions of it proven wrong, I want yet another great game to play but so far I just don't see it.

RedDead3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I agree with you, overrated by a mile. Been saying it for ages, the level design is poor aswell I think, the cover is all over the place, and the enemies are repetitive, then there's also the way most planets are levels now, you go there, fight and leave. Seriously, if anyone has played Kotor, you know ME is a downgrade from it.

MysticStrummer3232d ago

Is it just me or is Bioware really overrated? I never played KotOR, so my only experience with their games has been Dragon Age and the ME2 demo. I'm underwhelmed with their gameplay, but they seem to be decent at writing stories even if they aren't all that complex. Their reputation exceeds them, in my opinion.

NoBias3233d ago

"I can understand not every decision can be a game changer but would it be so hard to give you the option to have to steal a gun off of the first enemy you kill just to keep up the illusion that you have any control over your decisions? "

It's still part RPG though. You usually aren't asked to give away gear that you've spent hours collecting already. That's whack...

pr0digyZA3233d ago

"Low budget like Battlestar Galactica" I loved that show and thought it had exceptional writing and characters. I think you should actually play it first. I mean you even admit you enjoyed the first one so why would you not attempt the second one. It could be that sci-fi isn't your thing though.

Baka-akaB3233d ago

he's not making sense anyway .

galactica is low budget ? The original in the 80s was the first serie of its time to use a 1 million per ep budget (hence the cancellation) ...

And the new serie featured space fights of a quality you'd only usually see in movies and won emmys for the sfx .

Arup023233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I think that isn't everyone that likes a masterpiece like ME2... well, you still have time to change your mind. PS: You should play the full game first mate.

Kakihara3233d ago

Pr0digy, you're right. I have to admit a part of this is most likely that I'm not a Sci fi person at all. I love ... no, LOVE classic mind twisting sci fi like Phillip K Dick or the original Twilight zone but when it comes to blasters and rocket pants I zone out.

To everyone else. Thanks for the responses but what I'm really looking for is some reason WHY I should play the full game. What does it sound like I'm missing? Does the story blossm into something really super deep and crazy? Do the choices become more varied? Does the combat get better? What??

Active Reload3233d ago

"Thanks for the responses but what I'm really looking for is some reason WHY I should play the full game."

Your main gripes seem to be towards the gameplay and the look of the game. The only thing else would be the main story + the side mission stories. With an Rpg, me personally, I have to 100% the game. I want to meet every NPC character and experience their story or dialogue. Its all about whats "around the corner". I'm not agreeing with nor disagreeing with your problems you have with the game. But it seems like you just don't seem to care about the game or the theme of the game.

I play games like this, actually most games, as a student of the industry. I want to engage in the experience and see what I like or don't like about devs game designs. Mostly its to see if a game is offering either: the same 'ole stuff, something thats as good as what the best has to offer and to see if a game is bringing an experience that can't be found anywhere else. I've said this before about the Mass Effect franchise and I'll say it again. I have not played a game thats like Mass Effect in its totality.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3233d ago

I kinda agree. I haven't played the first but if the demo for ps3 is anything to go buy me2 is seriously overrated. Still wanna try it though.

MysticStrummer3233d ago

You make perfect sense until you run down Galactica. All I kept thinking about while I played the ME2 demo for the first time was "THIS is it?". It grew on me some, so I'm still interested in playing the game eventually, but anyone who thinks this is GotY material really needs a PS3 immediately. The gunplay is about as stiff and unexciting as it gets, the AI and animations are very basic, and the conversation animations are slightly more "animated" than the ones in Oblivion, which isn't saying much. Much like Heavy Rain, there is more illusion of choice than actual choice. I read the comments of many on this site about how PS3 owners wouldn't be able to bond with these amazing characters, but the demo pretty much destroys that myth also since the only interesting character was the fast talking alien doctor. I don't know. I was honestly more excited to play the ME2 demo than the Deadspace 2 demo, because of all I had read. What a letdown. I'm sure all this will be dismissed as a fanboy thing, but I'm being completely honest,

Kakihara3232d ago

Yikes, I shouldn't have mentioned Battlestar Galactica. To be honest I haven't seen an episode of it since I was a little kid, never saw any of the remake and was just using it as shorthand for the kind of made for TV space opera that's more about blasting away at little green men than the nature of reality and the human condition. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was good but as I've said that's not my type of thing anyway.

Thanks for the responses everyone, I still have to agree with what others have said. I'll definitely pick it up somewhere down the line but I'm not soiling my pants over it or anything.

MysticStrummer3232d ago

Ha ha yeah I think where you went wrong was the "low budget" angle. Uninspired writing can be wrapped up in an expensive package sometimes. I agree with you on the writing aspect though. Game stories are usually so simple, so a game that has a slightly above average story will get lauded for it. This appears to be one of those stories for sure. I don't mind that kind of story as long as I like the characters. The Star Wars movies are a perfect example. I liked the old characters better so I liked the old movies better even though the plot is like a really basic fairy tale in a sci fi setting.

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Wh15ky3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Don't think I'll bother with this one, played the demo a couple of times and wasn't all that impressed, the gunplay seemed really boring and repetitive and the graphics seemed very inconsistent, alright one minute then horrible jaggys and outlines the next, although maybe that's just cause it was a demo. I did quite like the multiple choice responses in the cut scenes although the lip synching is awful, infact there seems to be no attempt at lip synching at all.
Far too many top quality games already available and soon to be available for this one to stand a chance, IMO.

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