Uncharted 3 Performance Compared to a ‘Formula One’ Car

RipTen: In a recent conversation with Edge Magazine (issue 223), Naughty Dog’s Co-president Christophe Balestra discussed the size of Uncharted 2 and how it used all 6 of the PS3′s SPUs. In doing so he compared U2 usage as at a ‘street car’s’ level of performance while trumpeting Uncharted 3′s performance to be ‘more like a Formula One’.

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CrzyFooL3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Christophe loves to make these sort of statements rofl

Next week: "Naughty Dog is like NASA - we are going to the moon!!"

velocitygamer3235d ago

The week after: "Uncharted 3 is like shooting a porno - it's fun and irresistible.

zootang3235d ago

"Uncharted 3 is like Red bull X2010" is what I think they were trying to say.

smoothdude3234d ago

@Persistantthug Naughty Dog made Uncharted 2, but Chuck Norris was not impressed, so he round house kicked Uncharted 2 into Uncharted 3.

FrankMcSpank3234d ago

I heard Uncharted 3 came back through time from the future of 01 Nov 2011 just to save John Conner.

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Downtown boogey3235d ago


Tachyon_Nova3234d ago

I think he might meen that it gets worse with every new game, like F1 gets slower every year thanks to ridiculous and ever tightening regulations.

Stupid analogy.

saladthieves3235d ago

And this ladies and gentlemen, is Naughty Dog at work. These guys are awesome and they never disappoint.

-Mezzo-3235d ago

Agreed, so many games are coming out next year, it will be hard to focus on 1 game.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3235d ago

you mean *this year

but dont matter, i still make that mistake of saying next year.

Keep forgetting its 2011.

Apone3234d ago

Still, 2012 will be a great year also ;)

cannon88003234d ago

Shame on those 8 poor souls who disagreed with your statement.

LiLTich923234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

its proberbly 1 troll with 8 accounts lmao !

kevco333235d ago

Statement that means nothing in real terms = fanboy rampage.

Is it just me, or is it about to get very hot in here? ;)

xX-PEIN-Xx3235d ago

Is it just me or are you butthurt?

kevco333235d ago

Nah, I'm a fan of the Uncharted series. But it does get hyped to infinity...

UnwanteDreamz3235d ago

True but it is one of the few games that for the most part lives up to the hype IMO.

Focker4203235d ago

The difference is that it actually lives up to the hype.

Solid_Snake-3235d ago

lol you used the word butthurt, how old are you?

heres uncharted:

quick climb something

quick shoot something

quick climb something

quick shoot something.

ect. ect. ect.

it was good but not worth using the word butthurt over you child. grow up.

CernaML3235d ago

And you should look for a more original username. Otherwise no one will take you seriously. :)



Hudahudahuda3234d ago

xbox-threesixty is ass-pained

FrankMcSpank3234d ago

Is Xbox-threesixty only mad because in Gears of War you can only jump over small walls and there's no puzzles or deep character plot or platforming, or stealth, or 160 Awards to include 48 perfect scores and 98% of the game of the year awards? Or is that just me?

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Overhyped compared to has 200 plus game of the year awards which if I remember correctly is higher than any game ever. The fans love the series and the developers know how to deliver so I would say that the hype never reaches the level of quality that consumers actually get.

Redlogic3234d ago

By having a name such as the one
U are using, well
To me
That just seems to imply
How imature
Tend to be

starcb263234d ago

+ Bubbles :D
That was funny.

jneul3234d ago

@xbox-threesixty congrats for identifying what you do in most x360 games
uncharted is so much more than this, it has a proper story and it actually has puzzles something which your brain would not even manage to solve, i let an xbox gamer play on uncharted 1 and i had to tell him how to solve one of the easiest of puzzles on uncharted...

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AGamerOfConsoles3235d ago

I would have compared it to a tank. Its that beast.

silkrevolver3235d ago’s more like a Metal Gear. Happy?

jaredhart3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

It's like the F'ing King of the Jungle.