"World's fastest gaming notebook" is...

Notebook maker MSI has unveiled a fleet of ridiculously macho machines and claims they're the "the fastest, most powerful gaming notebooks in the world".

The G series flexes bulging second-gen Intel i7 quad core processors, NVIDIA GTX 500 and 400 graphics cards, USB 3.0 ports and better memory than an elephant, thanks to space for 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

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BlmThug3237d ago

A Laptop Is A Laptop, Even If You Put A Nuke In It It Still Cant Be Compared to A Desktop

N4g_null3237d ago

16gig of ram and an i7 smokes most peoples desktops. The prices are almost the same too. Yet you get stuff like portability.

Plus some laptops let you treat them like desktops which means you can still have dual monitors and a keyboard and mouse with people asking where is your tower at.

The cool thing is working on some thing and saving and taking it all home no drives are any thing. Another cool thing is you can give a whole project to some one as if your laptop was a FireWire drive.

I use to hate laptop too because they were always so weak. Not the case any more.

zeddy3237d ago

its basically a portable desktop.

jivah3236d ago

idk but thats not the fastest. origin laptops give u the option for an i7 980 with dual 480s. 1080p lcd and up to 24gigs of triple channel memory. now thats beast.

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Arup023237d ago

Damn, this is better than my PC o_O

DERKADER3237d ago

And it probably gets hot enough to burn a hole to China.

Smacktard3237d ago

"What's more, the new notebooks have a fancy orange glow..."

Probably thanks to the heat pouring out of them

digger183237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

My wife has the slightly older GT660R.

It has the Intel i5, 8 gigs of ram, 1TB HDD, 1080p screen and a full blown ATI 5870 graphics card in it.

Will play all games at 1080p with massive frame rates.

This machine is almost as fast as my Intel i7 desktop with the same graphics card in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.