Eurogamer Asks: How do you become a games journalist?

Tips and tales from the pros.

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darthv723242d ago

coming up with a nifty name of your site and register it through people like godaddy.

The hard part is being objective and neutral when it comes to reviewing. Unless you specifically want to review games for one platform. Even then, it is the professionalism of remaining in line with the review to that platform without wanting to take digs at others....that is hard as well.

Oh and you have to be able to take criticism as well as death threats.

Hands Up For Games3242d ago

How do you become a gaming journalist?

Easy. Just learn how to take quotes out of context and make up a sensationalist headline and bingo, you have just qualified as a gaming journalist.

r1sh123242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

@ hands up for games...
Also taking bribes, not really speaking the truth about games. Posting fake figures/numbers (CVG mainly), having your own site with 1 article over 4 pages so you can get money due to the number of adverts (Mainly german gaming sites)

Nitrowolf23242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

XD that guy looks like Russel Brand
even sounds like him


Pledge your flag to one console

start a website

create propaganda title for hits

continue to spread lies even in the face of facts

have gamers on sites like n4g continuing your fanboy mission in the comments section

make bigger sites like IGN jealous so they become inconsistance and fanboyish themselves

job done your a 'game journalist' just like LOT and vgchartz s/

this gen has been the biggest joke

dirigiblebill3242d ago

[insert lame-brained cynical comment here]

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