THQ Reveal Updated Release Schedule

Now that the busy fourth quarter period of 2010 is out of the way and a new year has started, THQ has distributed an updated release schedule too it’s retail partners. Revealing the official release date for the highly-anticipated WWE All-Stars and the motion-controlled UFC Personal Trainer, the updated list also includes THQ’s first Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive game, Fantastic Pets.

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VINNIEPAZ3241d ago

The hell is Saints Row 3?

kevco333241d ago

Not officially announced yet, that's where it is!

I'm guessing it'll be late 2011, early 2012.

VINNIEPAZ3241d ago

Also didnt they say they were starting the SR3 hype machine in December?

showtimefolks3241d ago

have already confirmed saints row 3 that article is on gamespot its old but he said that the devolpment team hard at work and we will see it in 2012

THQ have a few big games coming in next 2 years

wwe all stars(not expecting it to be great but it will sell)
wwe SVR
DARKSIDERS 2 2012 i hope this game gets the uncharted 2 treatment and comes out with a bang
Red faction

to name juts a few

and i like how THQ is giving their devs more than 2 years to work on sequels they have learned better games means better sales

ATi_Elite3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

This should be on the list for a Q3 2011 release.

mobijoker3241d ago

I really hope SR3 gets released before GTA5.This quarter i am only interested in Homefront from their lineup.

showtimefolks3241d ago

as you know RS take their time with their games. so expect agent early-mid next year than they will announce GTA around E3 at their own conference since they don't attend E3

SR3 has HUGE potential if done right and done with less bugs on a new engine gamespy sucks

but THQ is giving SR3 3 years of devs time that most likely means they understand that this IP is could be worth a lot of money if done right

more mission variety
better character building options
and don't force the side mission on us they should be just that side mission

also next GTA needs to be one thing that GTA 4 was not FUN