Uncharted 2 almost didn't fit on PS3

Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 is inarguably one of the greatest games of recent years. But according to its creators, it almost didn't fit on PS3 - thanks to the firm's ceaselessly ambitious development style.

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MariaHelFutura3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Hard to believe.... But, ND can say what ever the hell they want after Jak and UC1/2.

DualConsoleOwner3241d ago

why Bluray is the future of console gaming. well at least for another 10 years according to analysts.

Shanks3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"If anyone on the team makes a face like, 'Oh, we're f*cked', then we know we're good,"


inveni03241d ago

From any other developer, I wouldn't believe this; but there were so many times during that game where my jaw just hit the floor--incredible. Thank god for Sony and Naughty Dog, that's all I have to say.

Finalfantasykid3241d ago

Another Reason
why Bluray is the future of console gaming. well at least for another 10 years according to analysts.

While I agree with you, that is not what this article is referring to. It talks about the ram memory, and how at times the game simply would not fit in main memory(I bet that firmware update helped them out near the end of development, maybe they were the ones who asked SONY to do that)

jwk943241d ago

I dont see how this is possible, single layered BRD's hold like around 50gb, and dual layered holds almost twice that!

DualConsoleOwner3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Hmmm thats very interesting because PS3 has pretty good memory.

it has two 256 memory (total 512) with pretty high bandwidth.
As matter of fact, it is a lot faster than xbox 360's ram.
(so fast that Cod Black ops only uses 256 while xbox 360 uses 512)

it's pretty surprising to hear that wasnt enough.


single layer supports around 25 gig and double layer is 50 gig.

but they came out with a new 200 gig disc that is playable on current drive. but obviously no one uses it cause its expensive as hell at this point.

Finalfantasykid3241d ago

I never said that the PS3 had bad memory, its just that there is never enough memory. If the PS3 had 2GB of memory, I'm sure that ND would be using 99% of that.

hay3241d ago

@DualConsoleOwner: And Uncharted 3 appears to have "pretty good" visuals, engine and stuff. You know, it takes ram. See PC: 1GB in average now.

tawak3241d ago

but it will surely fit on xbox 360 dvd (sarcasm)

HappyGaming3241d ago

Than compress the huge video files a bit and it should give you a bit of extra room...

I am sure they tried to use all the space...
if you have extra space why not bump up the cutscene video and audio quality a bit?

MrBeatdown3241d ago

@DualConsoleOwner, jwk94, tawak, and Gumtrol

Read the damn article before you post. This had nothing to do with Blu-Ray.

hellraiserpop3240d ago


All you idiots talking about blu-ray capacity when in fact the article is about main/primary memory.

Vaud-Villian3240d ago

Make the disc the right size and it will fit

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-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Seeing that it's CVG they probably twisted the headline in some way.

MariaHelFutura3241d ago

LOL. It`s probably something like "We almost didn`t make the release date" translated to CVG as something like "it almost didn`t fit on the PS3"

But I wouldn`t know cause I won`t give them hits.

Darkfocus3241d ago

However the actual quote is "Balestra said that three weeks before the game was due to ship, the team couldn't fit it into the console's memory."

3241d ago
tplarkin73241d ago

Just a guess, but running low on space was probably due to redundant data required to speed up loading.

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talltony3241d ago

"Balestra uses the analogy that of PS3's "six-lane freeway" of SPUs, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune used two. Uncharted 2 used all six, but at 'street cars' level of performance. Uncharted 3? Guess what? That's 'more like Formula One'."


ct033241d ago

If there's a problem fitting the game into memory as they say, then SPUs aren't going to change that. LODs need to be more aggressive, textures need to be lower res etc. Similar to how they solved the problem for Uncharted 2.

The quote is quite deceptive to those who don't know what they're talking about.

Persistantthug3241d ago

with other technical tricks, such as with disk cache and other optimizations.

Naughty Dog knows their stuff.

Their games already speak volumes.

nycredude3241d ago


WTF are you talking about. I played through UC2 3 times and you would be hard pressed to find low res textures in that game. It has one of the best texture streamer ever

Kleptic3241d ago missed it...

the SPU's being paralled for certain processes allows multiple affects to be done in tandem with the gpu...which...directly frees up memory, as certain processes are no longer pooled in memory waiting to be rendered one after the other...

that is EXACTLY how the PS3's CPU allows work arounds for certain resource heavy operations...biggest example so far being MLAA cpu optimization, where the cpu handles all AA functions, instead of loading it up on the gpu, and using more of its memory...

so when they get the spu's to sing more...the gpu has more room, and more importantly, more memory to work with for other the end...resulting in games that look like Uncharted 3, killzone 3, etc...

this is why I would argue that the absolute best gamble Sony took with the PS3 was the Cell...not blu ray...blu ray is great for content, and its ability to store uncompressed HD textures...but the CPU is what makes it all possible (streaming those uncompressed textures in in real time, rendering calc specific processes, etc.)...without it, blu ray really wouldn't add much...meaning if you put a blu ray drive on a 360, and allow it to run blu ray games, it would hardly effect anything, as the 360's processor coudln't take advantage of it...

DaTruth3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

But all of that wouldn't be possible without XDR ram at 3.2 ghz! Ken was a visionary to include it considering it's heavy cost compared to the alternative, it was a real risk. But its use in the PS3 will bring down its cost considerably, making PS4 a go with one gig or more of XDR.

Good ol' Krazy Ken made a lot of good decisions! I fear for the PS4 without him. It won't be the console it could be with him at the helm! I hope they contract him back as a consultant or better yet, lead designer for PS4 development!

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RedDead3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Didn't ND just say the had no limits on Ps3?

Edit---Surely they're limited to what the Ps3 can do?

Edit 2---I'll go read again

Edit 3---I'm watching the interview. I can't make out any words at all, the sound is messed up. I'll take your words for it, it sounds like ripten just blew it out of proportion to be honest, if it is what your saying then it's hardly a bold statement like Ripten said it was

Daz3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

They they said they no had no limits. They didnt say the ps3 has no limits if you read that artical.

Edit: There is limits but you can optimize things make it run better, look better and so on.
uncharted 1 to uc 2 looks better and now it looks like it be the same for uc 3 has well.

Edit 2: yeah things are always tacken out of proportion over the interent. it will never change ;p

Happy gaming

TANUKI3241d ago

Exactly as Daz said, ND said they themselves had no limits (as in Sony wasn't interfering with production).

Tommykrem3241d ago

If they did, I think what they meant was that their work wasn't limited by hardware capacity. Because obviously the PS3 has limits ;)

visualb3241d ago

no. ND never said they had no limits on the PS3

they said they had no limits working with sony.

Consoldtobots3241d ago

there is never enough ram,I think we can all agree to that.
IMO what sony should do is release a new upgraded PS3 with 1 or 2GB of XDR and then have developers offer a settings option for newly released games.

Do you have a 512mb PS3?

Do you have a 1 or 2GB PS3?

and they can extend the life and quality of their console for an extra 10 years easy. No it's going the PC route because PC games have to be configured for a myriad of HW combinations. Memory options for PS3 games isn't that far of a stretch and wouldn't really increase development time, just the parameters of the game engine and what assets are loaded at runtime.

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blackburn53241d ago

*ND grabs crowbar* must.... make it ......FIT! lol. Just kidding. BTW if UC2 was such a beast that YLODed PS3s what about UC3? Am I going to have to put my PS3 on ice while I play?

koehler833241d ago

Games don't kill machines. Machines die while games are in them.

MariaHelFutura3241d ago

Koehler I believe you. BUT..... I swear Dead Rising 1 was killing 360s. Myself (x2) and ALOT of my friends playing Dead Rising 1 lost their 360s in the middle of playing that game. Morgan from Xplay had 2 360s die while playing Dead Rising 1 aswell.

I know it doesn`t make sense, but I swear some game are more prone to killing consoles. Dead Rising always comes to mind when people say games can`t kill consoles.

Nicaragua3241d ago

Dude - EVERYONES 360 was dying around that period regardless of whether they were playing Dead Rising or not.

More to do with the launch 360's being shit than the games they were playing.

multipayer3241d ago

My 360 died during perfect dark zero, and gears of war multiplayer. It is just what I played the most, I made it through Dead Rising 1 fine. I never achieved the S rank ending though... maybe that's what does it. /s

I also had a PS3 YLOD, while I was playing LittleBigPlanet... Again, it was just what I played most.

IcarusOne3241d ago

My launch 360 never died. Still rocking to this day.

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sobekflakmonkey3241d ago

I have never heard of UC2 causing YLOD definitely didnt break any of my friends ps3's...or my own..

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The water in that debut trailer looked flippin awesome. Hope we get to do some under water stuff.

"If anyone on the team makes a face like, 'Oh, we're f*cked', then we know we're good,"