Mass Effect: Gettin' Dirty with Joker's Personal Life

For all those women (or men) that wish Joker was a romance option, one important personal question arises. With his condition, would Joker even be able to have sex?

Also, BioWare had a slip up with Joker's disease.

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SnakeMustDie3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I feel sorry for him. He is listening to porn while piloting the Normandy LOL.

poopoojames3242d ago

rumour has it EDI caught him having a chug over pictures of Miranda.

Kran3242d ago

EDI is his porn. Secretly. All those fights they have... oh yeh. They're totally digging each other. Those fights are just cover ups xD

BlackRoseDelt3242d ago

Poor Joker. EDI must look pretty good to him because the chance for her turning his bones to dust is minimal.

ChristianGamer3242d ago

mass effect 2 is the best space rpg the world will ever know...Its just my opinion
though theres really no need to go
spreading it around

Baka-akaB3242d ago

Kotor already shatter your shallow belief forever !

MariaHelFutura3242d ago

Mass Effect 1 is a better RPG. But ME2 improves on alot of things that weren`t great in ME1 and loses a bit of it`s RPG elements. But YES, ME2 is a great great game and if you haven`t played in a couple of should.

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