LittleBigPlanet 2 Getting BigBig Scores

LittleBigPlanet 2′s out in a couple of weeks, but yesterday the first reviews went live (including ours) and, as of writing this, there are only four games ahead of it in the PlayStation 3 Metacritic chart.

At the moment, after fourteen reviews, Sackboy’s latest adventure is sitting snugly at 94% – and the praise for the game is overwhelmingly good, with the lowest score a still fantastic 85%. Most critics have high hopes for the Create mode, with magazine GamesTM saying they “can’t wait to see what LittleBigPlanet 2 has evolved into in a month or three, when we can truly measure the impact that these tools will have had on an already ultra-creative community.”

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TheGamerBible3233d ago

Well deserved. God has blessed us with another great game. Cant wait until it releases unto us.

TripleAAARating3233d ago

Yep, this game is above my standards.... ;)

hay3233d ago

Don't stone me people(you know, with stones, not pot, I wouldn't mind the latter) but I think Media Molecule is where most Lionhead talent went...
Black and White 2 was the last Lionhead's game that hooked me in for longer.

olit1233233d ago

I agree hay the founders of Media Molecule have worked on some of Lionheads best titles like Black and White and they even worked on Dungeon Keeper at Bullfrog. Very talented people.

MariaHelFutura3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Media Molecule is more on what I`m on. The "Factory Of A Better Tomorrow" was my personal favorite level from the beta. The "Metropolis" from LBP1 is great too and the "Serpent Shrine"

At 1:40 of this video they give a 666. The numbers are in the top LEFT corner of the shifting blocks.

Don`t fear the Future, Technology is no different than Magik and people having been surpressing you abilities.

blusoops3233d ago

My personal fav was "Stereo/Mono"...
But this is only based on YouTube vids since I'm not in the beta.

It just has such a unique look and feel...Can't wait for this game!!!

MariaHelFutura3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

This is great too. Go watch Metropolis. Over and Over and Over....until you understand it and what it means to you. It`ll prepared for what coming. I promise you. They couldn`t burn us all forever.

ngecenk3233d ago

wow that was awesome finding!

cant wait for the game!

Lyr1c3233d ago

I don't see the "666" you speak of :/

MariaHelFutura3233d ago

I promise you it`s there. Play the game, the video is kinda fuzzy. The 6s are red if that helps at all.

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Tommykrem3233d ago

God being Mark Healey, with the holy spirit Dave Smith and the son, Sackboy. Not to mention all the faithful disciples at Media Molecule!

bask_in_glory3233d ago

I loved the first game to bits, but I can wait out on this second helping. LBP is one of those games which gets better as it grows older thanks to the budding community, so when I pick it up in March or April, I will be getting the cream of the crop.

blizzard_cool3233d ago

Actually thanks to this:

, you will be able to find awesome levels from the start. God, I love LBPC :).

SnakeMustDie3233d ago

Great scores are great. Still waiting for Metacritic to update it. It is still sleeping at 94.

Tommykrem3233d ago

Not to sound negative, but chances are it will sink a little bit. Most games that start off over 90 tend to sink a little bit as more reviews come in. But of course, if people steer away from scores lower than 90 there's always the possibility :)

SnakeMustDie3233d ago

It also has a change to increase a bit if it gets more perfect scores. Time will tell.

RedRedSuitSDF3233d ago

Yep.. this game will be more fun for the younger kids, and people who like to create levels again. From what I'm reading on reviews, it's not much better than the first, more of the same.. but still a great game. And I'm not surprised that this game is getting great reviews. Last game was what? A 95 on meta? No reason this one shouldn't end around 91-94.

I liked the first one, but then it got too boring for me, and I really didn't like the floaty jumping controls. Now let's see if the PS3 crowd will actually buy the game now. IIRC, the first one didn't sell that great. It sold good... but not like how COD and Halo's and GT's sale.

hennessey863233d ago

i cant afford this and killzone 3 and i choose killzone 3 but i did like the demo and when i do get it im going to try and create a limbo type game.

visualb3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

ouch...tough choice =/

n that means missing out on Dead Space 2, ME2 and god knows what else as well

I feel for you ='(

Focker4203233d ago

You'll also miss out on LA Noire in February.

hennessey863233d ago

ive already completed me2 on 360 but i might have to sell a kidney for dead space 2 and la noir



RedRedSuitSDF3233d ago

WOW! You already have a copy and have played all the other games coming out! NICE!

emekcrash3233d ago

It is HIS opinion... He might not like the other games.

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The story is too old to be commented.