Go! Gaming Giant: ilomilo Review

From the review:

"I love my wife, but I have fallen in love with another woman and her name is ilomilo. From the moment I saw my very first screenshot, I knew this game had to be mine. Even seeing the logo brought butterflies to my stomach. The thought of not having those two little thumb-shaped plushy people in my life was absolutely heart-wrenching, and this was before I had any idea what the game was about. All I knew is that no matter what it entailed, I had to have it, even if just to ogle and fawn over these precious creatures and their beautiful melancholy world. To hell with playing it; I just needed it to look pretty."

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maskedaprentice3241d ago

This gem really is a gem. I knew nothing when I took advantage of the "secret" demo, and had no idea I was getting into. Haven't bought it yet, but it is great.

Murgatroyd73241d ago

You really should take the plunge and buy it! The demo is only a small taste of how awesome this game is.

omicron0093241d ago

this game looks awesome, hope it comes to PC.

Rah5er03241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I was contemplating on this game. Those little TV heads are so cool looking. The design looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie

teh3240d ago

never seen murg so excited about a game, prob worth a shot

RaymondM3239d ago

same here, a perfect 10/10 seems to be tougher to get out of Edge magazine then Murgatroyd haha

god article however, I dig