Famitsu software sales (12/27 - 1/2)

The latest top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released.

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boogeyman9993238d ago

I am gonna get the 3rd Birthday when it comes out in the U.S..

-Mezzo-3238d ago

I'll give it a go as well.

Iamback3238d ago

what i don't like about 3rd birthday is, it doesn't seem to be like previous games gameplay wise. It seems like they make it very western like aka shooter heavy.

gameseveryday3238d ago

The 3rd Birthday looks like an excellent game, glad it is doing well on the charts

halocursed3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Love playing Monster Hunter portable!

Seraphemz3238d ago

Me too. MHP 3rd is on the top of my 2011 list!

Godmars2903238d ago

Last week DW: Gundam 3 was #1, now its #10.

Oh those wacky Japanese...

3238d ago
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