Custom Firmware Breaks PS3?

Tools from ‘KaKaRoTo’ allowed users to create their own firmware using Linux and some coding knowledge, but it didn’t appear to be that useful, with KaKaRoTo saying “this custom firmware is really meant for future homebrew installation”, and “will not allow piracy.”

The custom firmware does seem to have a side effect or two, though.

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fail0verflow3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

full on working CFW and pirating heaven on PS3 is guaranteed just wait and watch

Silly gameAr3238d ago

Ok we'll keep a look out fail guy.

theonlylolking3237d ago

In a matter of time the PS3 will be hacked but not today!

FACTUAL evidence3237d ago

It's not like this is sony's first hacked console. Look at the ps2 for crying out loud, over 100m in sales still going strong from people that can AFFORD to play games.

MintBerryCrunch3237d ago

people forget that these hackers figured out the equation that Sony programmed to create their private key, when they showed it at the event...geohot took it and solved it, thats why he had the root key on his site, but unless you are a programmer, then there isnt much that you can do with what he posted on his site without someone like this guy creating a custom firmware and then signing it with Sony's private key making the PS3 think that its an official file....its basically a pkg file that will in the future let you install linux and homebrew on the system when it gets developed again

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Cloudberry3238d ago

KaKaRoTo's been broken by Broly.

r1sh123237d ago

@ the only lol king..
The ps3 has been hacked fully.
Fail0ver are not doing it for piracy, they even said that.
They just want homebrew software on linux, the piracy stuff will be done by some random not fail0ver

DeadIIIRed3237d ago

For some reason the word of a hacker doesn't seem believable. If they didn't want rampant piracy, they wouldn't have made their find available to everyone.

jadenkorri3237d ago

piracy hackers hide behind "homebrew", its a nice word when in court and facing a judge/jury

joeyisback3238d ago

enjoy being ban by sony and what idiot wanna waste downloading a game thats 30gb or more idiots

wicko3237d ago

Do you know how to read?

HappyGaming3237d ago

Also back in the PS2 days you could buy any Pirated PS2 game for $5-10 from a couple small video game shops I don't see why these shops that won't start this again for the PS3 especially since you probably won't even need a chip.

Theoretically you could walk into the shop and buy Infamous 2 (an offline game) for $5-10 a week after it's released go home put it in and start playing with no danger of getting banned.

testerg353237d ago

Hmmm.. for people with speed it would only take a couple of hours.

HappyGaming3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

True people with 50mb/s fibre optic speeds can get speeds of up to 6000KB/s

It would take them a bit over 2 hours to download a dual layer Blueray game but remember most games are not dual layer and under 25GB...

In March BT will install fibre optic wires in my area and I was going to upgrade anyway.

fail0verflow3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

only a few ps3 games exceed 30GB, most are 5-11, plus hackers probably will be able to spoof/fake any kind of key or id number that identifies consoles, Sony bans will be pointless

PS3 is DOOmzED and PSN compromised, Sony can't guarantee safe network experience for paying customers now

jammydude3237d ago

Yet the best ones - the ones people will most want to download - exceed 30gb.

Redlogic3237d ago

fail I noticed you just joined a day ago...why don't you crawl back into the hole you came outa huh?

VINNIEPAZ3237d ago

"fail I noticed you just joined a day ago...why don't you crawl back into the hole you came outa huh?"

Why? What did he say that was not true?

MisterAV3237d ago

and if they put a ID on every disk? So only different id can connect to PSN. Or a code for going online as they're doing now for some games but more than one use

Eamon3237d ago

Well of course he joined a few days ago. His name is fail0verflow.

xX-PEIN-Xx3237d ago

PS3 is doomed...where have I heard that before?

DeadIIIRed3237d ago

Why can't Sony just fix the signing keys in a new firmware and have developers release patches for all of their games simultaneously? Shouldn't be to hard, but I'm limited in knowledge to this stuff

jadenkorri3237d ago

guess what fail, if they couldn't due that on the 360, you think they can do it on console that just been hacked.

HappyGaming3237d ago

@fail you're an idiot but...

You are right about one thing most games people want to play are no more than 30GBs

Uncharted 2 22GB
Infamous 7GB
Killzone 2 30 GB
Resistance 2 23 GB
Motor Storm PR 13GB
LBP GotY Edition 7GB

Very few go over 30...

God of War 3 40GB

Sony could change the key over a firmware update but than people with no internet connections won't be able to play the new games they buy... and if Sony places the firmware updates in new game that are released from now on they won't be able to play their old games unless they log in and download a patch for every game they own because they will now look like pirated copies.

Basically unless you have access to an internet connection you either have to throw away all your old games, find someone who might let you use their internet connection (very hard in a couple of 3rd world countries were even rich people don't have internet because the only internet connections that are available are satellite connections which are slow and very expensive) OR you would only have to play your old games and never buy a new game again.

This idea is a dead end.

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sWEEP12123238d ago

They just need some time to iron out any bugs or issues.Im just gonna wait for a stable release

Blaze9293237d ago

pretty much. this wasn't even a real version of CFW. Those who jumped the gun asked for it. idiots.


“this custom firmware is really meant for future homebrew installation”, and “will not allow piracy.”

This is a quote from the article just incase no one is bothered to read it like all articles that go on N4G.

Baka-akaB3237d ago

except we've heard that every break through on every consoles .

This is called washing your hands ... of course someone else will magically supplement the already existing cw with a way to allow privacy ...

Baka-akaB3237d ago

i didnt need to waste time on dedicated irc channel to know that .

it is an assumed truth for every consoles in the past and probably upcoming future .

GodsHand3237d ago

All I do is read the title, and from there I know what the article is about.

FragMnTagM3237d ago

then you my 'friend' are part of the problem around here. SCRAM!

GigaGaia3237d ago

I did read the article and of course, even if that guy doesn't want to allow piracy, someone else could make their own custom firmware and fully unlock piracy or hell, a hacker could take the firmware that was just made and modifiy it a little to unlock piracy.

fail0verflow3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

don't you read the famous #ps3dev irc channel, everybody there agrees piracy is inevitable, the "as of now" status doesn't matter

VonBraunschweigg3237d ago

"PS3 is DOOmzED and PSN compromised, Sony can't guarantee safe network experience for paying customers now"

Clearly the sound of jealousy and loneliness. Your comments remind me of Nelson crying HAHA! when thing don't go the way Bart planned it. Like a little kid who's happy when his friends' supercool Bigwheel gets crushed - I could never have it, now he also cannot. 10 years later you create a useraccount just to annoy gamefans, nothing else. Why? People cheering for piracy are like cheaters in multiplayergames, like trolls in gamingforums, they're the biggest losers and douchebags in modern times.

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jneul3237d ago

lol anyone who has installed psp cfw knows to wait for a full stable release.

theaceh3237d ago

And how painful it is to be on top of the latest CFW news, downloads, patches etc.

Ahh ... those DarkAlex - PSP days. Fun for a while, but then it just feels like too much work. Being stuck between Hackers and Sony could really be a pain in rear.

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