Fight Night's Battles In And Out Of The Ring

Electronic Arts has been trickling out more and more details about Fight Night Champion, and this trailer gives you more of a look at its story mode. Here we get to see the main characters and some of their motivations. Bad guys, brothers, owners, owner's daughters, it's all here.

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btk3242d ago

Move support for Fight Night. If no Move support then no sale.

AAACE53241d ago

Sh*t... Now Fight Night looks like it's worth it's weight... Heavy weight that is! If they can figure out a way to implement MOVE and Kinect support for this, I think sales will go through the roof!

Aaaahhhh... The possibilities! I was planning on getting a few games on each console this year and didn't really have FNC in mind, but now that I see the game gets more involving than the past games... I gotta get this one as well!

gta28003241d ago

Have you played The Fight? That game is more of an arcade fighter compared to this but see how long you can last in The Fight before getting tired and feeling sore. And then imagine all that X12 rounds and way more punches having to be thrown. There is no way in hell people would hang that long playing Fight Night with Move or Kinect. Unless you're a real boxer who trains for that type of activity. I think it should be an it can just be OPTIONAL. But I don't think it should be implemented as the main way to play.

ironfist923241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Agreed. I reckon the game should be played with controller, yet have motion-specific modes and game-types.

Game looks tight though, especially with an inticing single-player story mode. def a Day 1.

Tuxedo_Mask3241d ago

Interesting concept in adding a storyline to a sports game. If the gameplay is good and the story is interesting, EA Sports could possibly breathe new life into the Fight Night series and start a new trend in furthering the complexity of sports games. It may sound strange right now, but it would be interesting if they could effectively add a storyline to other sports games, like Madden for instance.

ironfist923241d ago

I think we all know what a Tiger Woods game would be like if it had a story, lol.

iceman063240d ago

Sony's NBA: The Life actually did a pretty decent job of capturing the life of an NBA star and the journey from college to the lower leagues and then into the pro's. The only issue was the gameplay itself was pretty bad. This new Fight Night looks real promising.

Arup023241d ago

Kinect in Fight Night = Win

eggbert3241d ago

it won't happen, they released a statement about how everyone was too fat, and they didn't want to bother putting the development time into Move/Kinect controls if most players would be too unhealthy to actually play it.

Feels bad man...

Arup023241d ago

:( That is sad news indeed.

gta28003241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

It's the truth though. I'm not fat at all, I'm not out of shape either and playing The Fight can take a toll on you. Depending on how hard you try to throw punches and the quantity and speed you can get tired really fast...and The Fight isn't even a realistic fighter like Fight Night. So I only imagine how much worse it would be. I think there's only a really small number of gamers out there who would be able to play Fight Night with Move or Kinect and actually complete a whole bout just using those controllers. And those gamers are probably people who have some real boxing experience.

m233241d ago

This game looks really interesting, I just watched The Fighter a couple wees ago, and this reminds me of it for some reason. This might be the first boxing game I buy. I don't mind optional Kinect or Move support but there is no doubt it would suck.

nevin13241d ago

i hope face button controls are in day 1.

iceman063240d ago

"The new controls will definitely take some getting used to if you're a Fight Night vet, but the team is including button punching in the default control scheme, so you'll have the option as soon as you pop in the disc." from

Hope this helped!!!

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