Don't be fooled. Reboots are still just sequels.

A brief history of stupid trends in the naming of game sequels.

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velocitygamer3240d ago

Coming from the xbox360 magazine...GTFO

darthv723240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

who came up with the moniker "reboot" anyway when relating to reviving a game/series?

Konami uses the term "rebirth". Is the reboot something the gamers are calling it or the devs?

edit: thanks SMG. Guess they need some groovy term to hook the industry.

SuperMassiveGav3240d ago

Neither. It's the publishers.

TheHater3240d ago

Most of these reboot are just slapping on existing series name and a few characters to get fans of those series interested in these reboot.

Instead of creating a new IP within a new universe and characters, they are using an existing IP name as a means of marketing. The new DMC is a perfect example of this.

cemelc3240d ago

Thats not entirely the case, cos the game is based on everything the orginal was, what changes is the gameplay in some areas. In this case its still about exploration/plattaforming && action.

Now that you bring DMC look at that example its still is a hack & slash what actually changed from the original is, that dante design has changed and probably the moves will be alike but not the same as the original.

These are sequels that were forced to reinvent themself in order to stay relevant against competition.

SuperMassiveGav3240d ago

Which is what sequels usually are anyway, TheHater.

blahblah3240d ago

except that even i as a person who doesn't care about graphics in most cases.

massacre they did on Dante is making me cry, something so brutal and inhumane should be banned by law. this will be first DmC i wont buy. Beside the fact that i doubt in Ninja Theory. Instead of coding they started just mouthing off and hoping people will fall for that.

Tomb raider took the right path though. Underworld was really good improvement, now if they advance in the same sense, game will be awesome. Adding wall runs or some other acrobatic element would be most welcome for me. But TR is definitely day 1 for me

sam22363240d ago

Go look up the meaning of 'reboot' and 'sequel', please. Then get the hell out of videogame journalism because you clearly aren't up for it.