Kinect Can't Just Read Your Motions, It Can Capture Them Too

We've already seen one way Microsoft's Kinect can be used to help bedroom game developers, but here's another, just as practical way: it can allow for home-grown motion capture.

For professionals, motion-capture work is time-consuming, highly specialised and expensive. Indeed, it's one of the big reasons Rockstar's LA Noire has been so long in development.

This Kinect hack, though, makes it a relative breeze, cutting out those lycra suits, turning Kinect's own motion-recognition powers in on itself and using them to generate animated models. It taps into professional mo-cap software MotionBuilder and just dumps all the data right in there, in real-time.

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GWAVE3232d ago

That's actually pretty neat. Remember that You're In The Movies game Microsoft made a few years ago? (I know some people would rather forget)

Well, add in this functionality, make a sequel called "You're In The Games" or something like that, and BOOM! That'd be cool.