Black Ops movement problems 'now fixed'

Movement speed problems affecting Call of Duty: Black Ops online players have quickly been fixed, according to developer Treyarch.

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Spinal3237d ago

Will they ever make a Next gen Call of Duty? 2013? 2014?

The_Count3237d ago

Done with cod now. I thought MW2 was prett good at launch then it turned to shit a month later. This turned to shit on ps3 with in a day. I was experiencing massive lag and I hear PC users also had massive lag spikes. Sure the patches fix some things but break more. It's my fault for falling for the hype again and I know that but thankfully next November there's already plenty of games coming to PS3 and I plan on getting a gaming pc also. (I'm aware the 360 has plenty coming out for it as well but I don't own one.)

Ah ah ah

3237d ago
KillerBBs3237d ago



Bloodlyte3237d ago

Traded the game 1 week after launch for GT5, because for me it was unplayable, the hit detection and latency was just ridiculous.

My question, has that been solved?

( P.S. I had the PS3 version. )

Killzoned3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

When the game first came out on the PS3, it was terrible! Patches after patches it became worst, But after the last update things started to pick up again, it felt much better, and the match making was more responsive, less random disconnect happening.

I also experienced the slow movements a few days ago, at first i was thinking whats going on? at first i thought it was my controller which it wasn't but glad its fixed now

To answer your question no they haven't, the Hit detection is SO TERRIBLE, they also definitely need to work on the knife system cause its so inconsistent.

Iamback3237d ago

no, it hasn't. Unless you have 4 green lines connection, you will continue to get annoyed but i still prefer it over Modern broken warfare 2

BeaArthur3237d ago

No, it's still crap. Still lags from time to time, still can't migrate a host, still randomly closes rooms, and my personal favorite...still freezes at the map loading screen and forces you to exit to the XMB. I'll play it until KZ3 but when that games is about to come out I will definitely be done with this piece of shit.

poopoojames3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

CoD has the worst hit detection I have ever seen in a video game. It's virtually unplayable. You see a sniper aim a yard to the left of your head and ends up getting a headshot. The when you aim bang on somebody's head it won't register a kill. Even CoD4, a game that everyone raves on about had these glaring issues. I'm with BeaArthur, KZ3 is where it's at.

Paralex3237d ago

"Hit detection" is a meaningless phrase used by people who happen to have a bad ping to the host or who just flat out have bad aim and spray their shots. I have yet to have a problem with my shots hitting right on target. People say the "hit detection" is better in MW2, but that's because the hit box was bigger than the characters actual body in MW2. Hence why you died even when the person had bad aim and missed you slightly outside of your body. That's the only remedy to it, but if they add that in Black Ops people would just complain about that.

TheFreak3237d ago

you guys are playing the wrong version. Ms payed Activision for making the 360 version the best and it is. Black ops is a really good game if you are playing the 360 version

RedRedSuitSDF3237d ago

I was going to say, most people on this site must be playing the wrong version. I have nothing but a great time playing COD BO, and I think it's the best MP wise, since COD 4. Love it.

If you have the superior version of the game on the 360.. hit me up, and we can clan battle. Gamer tag same as my name on here.

Bloodlyte3237d ago

Thnx for clearing things up for me guys, I might give it a go on my X360 then.

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Cod black ops can go to hell.Im waiting for killzone 3 to come out :|

JeffGUNZ3237d ago

I just got a PS3 with some christmas money. I bought Killzone 2 and other then the graphics, I was hugely let down. The multiplayer, even though it didn't lag at all, felt sluggish and generic. Do you know of the improvements to KZ3? I just wish it felt more fluid. The single player is not impressive either, the voice acting is pathetic.

On a related note, I did get Uncharted and that game impressed me greatly.

BeaArthur3237d ago

The beta was pretty similar although I have heard that they are adjusting the movement speed and some other things.

nycredude3237d ago


Did you get Uncharted 1 or 2? Cause 1 is good but 2 is beast!

JeffGUNZ3237d ago

Thank god they are adjusting the moving speed, that's what killed it for me, felt too slugish.

NYC: I got Uncharted 1 first, just to get the story from the beginning I will be getting Uncharted 2 soon, I keep hearing that one is leagues above the first.

RedRedSuitSDF3237d ago

I thought the controls in KZ2 were very sluggish too. It ruined the MP for me. I thought it looked and sounded great.. but the MP and the lag, ughhh..

JeffGUNZ3237d ago

I didn't get too much lag. It was the controls and the lack of fluidness that killed it for me. I feel like it was an average game with a beautiful look.

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AKissFromDaddy3237d ago

Bought the $80 version, sold it for $122 on ebay with the DLC code. This game really sucks that Treyarch had to fix movement speed, smh.

TardcoreGamer3237d ago

I'm with Jones. KZ3 will do FPS proper! black ops is still good for something though. it keeps mediocre fps noobs distracted

Dart893237d ago

" black ops is still good for something though."
Yea using it as a coaster for my drink xDDD.

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