HMV to close 60 stores by 2012

MCV: Entertainment giant HMV is facing troubling times as the chain revealed that it is to close 60 stores (including some Waterstones bookshops) over the next 12 months.

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Venatus-Deus3241d ago

Who actually goes to HMV to buy things that are 20-30% more expensive than online stores. Hell, even the supermarkets have better deals and prices.

I got a chess book from for £3.50 which was £15 in Waterstones.

Somebody needs to enlighten me because I simply can't work it out.

iamnsuperman3241d ago

I only go there for an impulse buy. I get my games from Game (due to the points) and the odd bargin DVD since HMV is the closest store to get it.

r1sh123241d ago

@venatus-deus...I didnt say you never knew about business or anything. Im just saying its the reason why some stores are more expensive, also they have a 5 day release policy.
If you order from their site, they send a game 5 days before release.
I got black ops like 3 days early.

r1sh123241d ago

Their website has better prices than the stores.
The problem with the stores is that each franchise has over heads, lighting, staff, rent etc...
Thats why the prices are higher.
Its a shame, because the HMV site has very competitive prices.
The only reason I even use their site is because they are one of the few high street stores that support grime and urban music in the UK.

outwar60103241d ago

the store in brent cross retails the same prices as online online offers are their for the most part and i';d be surprised if that store closes down as its always busy

Venatus-Deus3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I'm fully aware the basic business rules of why their prices are higher and that their online service is better.

The point is why do people still buy from the store in enough numbers to support hundreds of stores all around the country for the last 3 years while we are in a recession.

Actually even the online store is more expensive

compared to

Wizziokid3241d ago

HMV over-charge and here's the best recent example,

Fight Club (Blu-ray) £17 in HMV
same Fight Club (Blu-ray) £8

kharma453241d ago

Their online prices aren't too bad, just a pity their delivery is always painfully slow.

tigertron3241d ago

We had an HMV open up in my town recently, and I went to have a look the other day and found a tiny selection of films and games (granted the shop was small) but everything there was more expensive than at Asda or Amazon, so why pay more?

Calm Down Sunshine3241d ago

It's amazing they've managed to keep going this long.

outwar60103241d ago

noooooo i love hmv they always have good offers

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