Conquer Online Epic Monk PvP Carnival – All Is Fair In Love And War!

Jan 4 2011, following the success of the World Elite PK Tournament, Conquer Online has just announced another thrilling PK competition, the Monk Class World PvP Championship.

The Light has returned to Conquer Online in the form of the sacred Monk, and the Order has descended into the world of chaos and evil. To protect the world from its own destruction and to save the people from fear and disaster, the High Priests of the Shaolin Temple have decided to bestow their sacred powers on their apprentices. However, only the best Monk can inherit the holy robe from their master, and must emerge victorious throughout the toughest competition! A grand Kung Fu contest is about to be unveiled! Are you ready to prove your worth?

Different than any other PK event, this competition provides a completely level playing field, and will offer the players highest reward you have ever received. If you enjoy the fun of PKing and wish to challenge the best of the best, you better dust off those robes and sign up! This will be the perfect chance for you to gain great fortune and fame!

The competition has no special requirements for the characters. However, players must pay the 98 Conquer Points entry fee, which will be collected and returned to the winners as their prize money! That is to say, the more participants there are, the higher reward the winners could get!

After signing up for the contest, each contestant will have a character provided by the official team. These fighters will be the same class, the same level, and be outfitted with a matching set of equipment, and have the same amount of recovery items, so all competitors will be standing on the same ground. Without Battle Power and Nobility, the only thing that matters is how well you can use your skills!

The only question is, can you match up to the toughest fights CO has seen?

More details coming soon! Stay tuned!

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