TheSixthAxis Review: Ilomilo

TSA writes: "Every level starts with both Ilo and Milo on opposing sides, separated by blocks, gaps, and creatures. At any time players can flit between controlling Ilo or Milo, with one overcoming a certain obstacle allowing the other to progress. This may sound easy but Ilomilo is one of the most mind boggling games I’ve played, and that’s simply down to how you are forced to manipulate the 3D environment. Early puzzles are fairly simple, and with some deft character swapping can be completed in no time flat, but then the game ups the ante and introduces several new gameplay devices, all revolving around swapping planes."

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bask_in_glory3243d ago

Looks pretty interesting; could be my 1st XBL purchase of the year.

DelbertGrady3243d ago

Check out Raskulls as well. It's awesome.

Hands Up For Games3243d ago

A truly brilliant game!!!

There isnt much else like it on Live and the music is just outstanding, been playing it for a few weeks but now im stuck, so buy it people, so you can help me out ;)

dazreah3243d ago

Looks great will get for my windows 7 phone when its released.