Modern Warfare's Legal Showdown Gets Personal

According to new documents released today, the ongoing legal battle between the creators of Call of Duty and the franchise's publishers is beginning to take its toll on those involved.

Last month, Activision sought to expand the scope of the lawsuit by including Electronic Arts, the publisher that is now home to the new studio run by Jason West and Vince Zampella, as party to the case.

New documents obtained by Kotaku today allege that Activision knew of EA's alleged involvement in the case over six months beforehand, and that by waiting until December 2010 to amend the case sought to have the beginning of the trial - scheduled for May - pushed back.

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Dart893234d ago

Dam this heating up fast can't wait to see what happens on may.
*Grabs bag of popcorn and couple coronas and gets ready to watch it unfold.*

rroded3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

In closing, they say "any delay of the trial in this lawsuit would increase the financial and non-financial burdens and would continue to distract us from running our business and earning a living."

Activision knows how much cash they have and will keep playing the "justice" system sorry guys but thats business in a western democracy.

all we can do is boycott Activision n hope everyone else does the same.

r1sh123234d ago

Agree with you.
Lets all start boycotting activision, hopefully the courts in the USA see these delay tactics and stick it to activision.

cemelc3234d ago

Yeah is all nice to say that. Then the next cod gets announced with stickers on the weapons and everybody goes: "this changes everything!!!!!".

Be honests here half of the ppl that "boycotted" got COD;BO day one, then the next day said "this sux" and return it, you know that once you give your 60$ doesnt matter your opinion any more to activision???? they will not return that money and you just helped then regardless if you return it or not.

Just saying, got MW2 learned my lesson then.

GWAVE3234d ago

If Activision loses, I hope it causes Kotick's dismissal (of course, he'll take millions upon millions of $$$ with his severance. That's how US corporations work these days).

If anyone needs to get stabbed in the heart, it's Activision. I feel sorry for any developers who work for them.

Inside_out3233d ago

..I hope these 2 clowns formerly from Infinity Ward lose everything. If CoD was a flop you would of never heard of these 2 greedy guys. They thought they were gonna leave Activision and take the cod franchise with them...O_o

AssassinBrotherhood3234d ago

How long as these case been going on for ? first it was activision vs infinity ward (Jason West and Vince Zampella
and now activison whats to Sue EA becuase they think that EA has top serect information and how to create a COD Killer so if Bad company 3 is better then black ops that would mean EA take top information the answer is NO

Dart893234d ago

Yes but apparently actvivision knew of the situation that was going on.So my ? iS why didn't activision do something during that time and wait till december? thats pretty stupid either way i wanna see what's gonna happen to cod.After the trial.

theonlylolking3234d ago

Activision needs to go down and what better way to pwn them than with a legal lawsuit that is getting media attention?

crzyjackbauer3233d ago

i disagree
i dont like activision but
if imployees deliver crap games like mw2
they need to be fired
on top of that they were planing to leave activision long before mw2 came out
i call that sabotage

leave one halfa$$ job done at one company and start clean at another, shame on you west & zampella

theonlylolking3233d ago

MW2 is a good game. Much better than black ops and a lot of games.

Sigh3234d ago

Wow fuck activision. If know that you are "right", then why delay the case? Get it over with. Oh wait, u want Respawn to bleed dry.

DEagle-izer3234d ago

Slightly Off-Topic

IDK what will happen to Bungie's new studio since they signed to Activision, but the last thing I want to happen is to know that Activision compromised the way they choose to handle their business.

I really wish they chose a better publisher to sign to or went independent.

SixZeroFour3234d ago

bungie isnt "signed" with activision...activision is only publishing 1 new bungie ip for 10 years, meaning sequels and all that, but its only for that one ip if it even gets a sequel

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