Hackers and the Rest of Us

How does the PS3 hack really effect those of us who aren't hackers or interested in hacking?

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deadreckoning6663239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

"As for me, I like the PS3 and am happy to pay for games and content without ripping off the people who created them for my enjoyment."

Me too. I'm happy to pay for new games and support good devs. I'd never pirate a full-fledged PS3 game, but if a custom firmware came out in the future that would let me create my own dynamic themes...I'd be all over it! As long as your not making a profit from another person's hard work, then hacking isn't a bad thing. Too bad the N4G Sony disciples think "piracy" and "hacking" are the same thing.

@Nitrowolf2- Yea, I hate glitchers, ESPECIALLY on Uncharted 2 multiplayer. There are countless times that I've stayed frozen while people from the other team sniped me..and it always happened in the SAME spot.

Nitrowolf23239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

I don't have an issue with it either. And like you said if a CFW came out that enabled more stuff i might go ahead and try it out, but for the enjoyment of the online community i hope Sony finds a way to keep them offline. Pirating is bad, but having them play online is worse. Imagine playing a game online and they are using hacks/cheats that were made due to this exploit. Keep them offline and i will be happy.

Piracy =/= Hacking. although Piracy can be obtain by hacking they are not the same. But as i said in other post the majority of users will most likely be drawn in to this if they can play backups/pirated games.

I am however really hoping that not only this push Sony to try and block these people, but to also push them in the FW department to add new features.

fail0verflow3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

No issues?

What do you think about cheaters with aim-bots, wall hacks, inifinite ammo, no relaod guns, and god mode in every game? Bacause THAT WILL happen, there's no reason why it can't now. And don't assume Sony can ban a console pirates have a full control of, it's not a Xbox 360 case, it's way different here. Anything Sony use to recognize the particular console and ban it, can possibly be changed now.

And don't say glitchers and explioters already exist, they do but regular cheaters is a WAY worse thing.

GrieverSoul3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

The problem with this is that hackers cant keep it in their pants! This is was a bragging contest on who could crack the PS3. If they want to get more out of their consoles, then they should keep it to themselves. I see no problem with that.

But exposing this thing like they did it clearly shows they want to get recognition. OK! You guys are good! *claps* - End of story! ... NO!!! They want to make homebrew!! Seriously, some people praise the XMBC and PSP homebrew but honestly, 99% of people who altered their console was for the purpose of pirating games. I admit I did that too when I was younger and a bit unaware of my actions. Now, I see the damege it can do! The Dreamcast died because of that! My favorite console was "hacked" in days after released and SEGA coulndt get around it and the console died because the software was easy to pirate. No one did homebrew for it!! And dont get me that crap about playing older SNES or Genesis games... please people! You can already play them for more than 15 years on your PC! Hell, I have a Pentium 2 at 233mhz that can run it, why do I want a X360 or a PS3 to run these games. They will look like crap!!! The PC has smoothing effects you can do to improve its visuals.

In the end, I just want these guys to admit they want free games with their consoles.

Nitrowolf23239d ago

it's like you just read one word in my comment

@ GrieverSoul

i have download limits here so no point for me, but anyway that is also what i don't want seeing. I don't want to see the PS3 slowly begin to die out with developers turning away from it and lack of support considering it's doing so well with right now. I don't understand why someone would want to wait hours just for a download but like i said i hope Sony finds a way to keep them offline or better yet just patch the who;e up (if they can).

deafwing3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

NUFF SAID, following pulled from article:

"A funny part of this has been the people saying, “Sony and all the developers did this to themselves. The games are too expensive and they were just taunting us by adding an OS function to begin with.” These same people probably blame Ford for making shiny trucks… “I can’t help but steal them, it’s their own fault.”

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Deathstroke3239d ago

You should never pirate a game

Unless it comes from Namco Bandai, Square-Enix or Crapcom.

There are probably a few others I forgot to mention but those main 3 that should be priority targets just because of their stupidity this gen.

Dart893239d ago

You forgot activision lol.

mikeslemonade3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

And that is why I hacked my Wii. Even though now I'm buying accessories for it that are ridiculously overpriced. Nintendo doesn't deserve my money ahahahaha!

ThanatosDMC3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

I love Crapcom though... mainly for Monster Hunter series, Megaman, RE1-4, and DMC (RIP Dante) but damn, they've been screwing my beloved games for quite a while now.

Megaman Legends 3 on the 3DS, DmC with black haired methhead Dante, Megaman X7, Monster Hunter Tri going to Wii, Nero, LP2, Chris Redfield punching rocks and being able to take a super human punch to the gut, etc.

Also, i just posted this on another article but this is what piracy does to our games using the PSP as a prime example:

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
5,281,223 downloads worth 30,631,093,400 yen ($335 million)

Phantasy Star Portable 2 –
4,665,510 downloads worth 22,394 million yen ($245 million)

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce –
2,072,942 downloads worth 9,950 million yen ($109 million)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite –
1,820,282 downloads worth 8,322 million yen ($91 million)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII –
1,223,881 downloads worth 7,098 million yen ($77 million)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam Next Plus –
1,1187,341 downloads worth 7,100 million yen ($77 million)

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 –
1,131,319 downloads worth 5,603 million yen ($61 million)

Hacking =/= Piracy; but Hacking -> Piracy

Orion3239d ago

I don't support piracy at all, but that statement leads to confusion. For example, with Dissidia the company didnt LOSE $335M, because most of the people won't just buy it paying. Yes, of course there are some losses, but these numbers should be taken with caution. There's a big difference in downloads when something is "free" to when it's not...

I hope Sony has something to do against this hack. If not, we normal costumers might have problems... Paid PSN? :S More restrictions in the PS3? Developers less interested in the PS3 now that's not safe? :S :S

ThanatosDMC3238d ago

No they didnt lose $335M but they did lose possible sales. If it wasnt pirateable (is that word?) and all those downloaders really wanted the game, then maybe they'd get a portion of that money that they could have made.

Even 50% of that $335M is huge for a PSP game.

Balt 3239d ago

I don't want to spend hours downloading games I can pay for myself. I don't want to steal anything. I just want the ability to arrange my xmb the way I want to do it. Hide icons I don't like or need. Delete games off my trophy list I have no desire to ever obtain a trophy for. I want to be able to install my games to the HDD and boot from there without the hassle of popping the disk in.

These are the things I want most. I don't game online, so I don't care to hack an online game for infinite health. I don't even like gaming much, so if I don't think they're worth buying -- Why would I think they're worth stealing? It's not worth my time to do so.

But I do want some OS features and XMB features to come about from this. I'd love so functionality because Sony isn't giving it to us. They spend all their time patching holes with these updates rather than giving us features we could use.

It's lunacy.

Man In Black3239d ago

If you don't like gaming, why are you on this site?

ReservoirDog3163239d ago

Click on his name and read his bio. Yeah.

Marked3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )


IMO, lunacy is someone hanging around a forum to hate mongar while gathering "info" to support his eagarly negative views. Then when he feels he's got what he needs to convince the faceless masses, he trys to publish a "Documentary" based souly on his predisposed opinions.

And you say a hobby is a waste of time. Just think if people didnt have gaming, you wouldnt have the the chance to glorify yourself through hippocritical gratification.

A final tip.... being angery (documentist) or a rule breaker (hacker) does not make you inteligent and sophisticated.... it make people look like an A-hole.

antz11043239d ago

From your "bio":

"I'm not a gamer and I don't "game" a lot of games. Games made today area waste of time, energy and money. They are pointless."

Then what the hell are you doing here? For being pointless you spent enough time on your bio on the videogame site.

bananlol3239d ago

I dont think its for real, he/she/it is just doing it because they think its funny. If it had been for real then the investigating journalist wouldnt have stated his "mission" in his bio because that would have compromised the quality of his results.

blackburn53239d ago

Never modified a system ever. Not my PS1, not my PS2, not my DS, not my PSP and now not my PS3. It won't affect us now but it will have long tern negative affects on us gamers especially the ones who get punished along with the [email protected] Balt. That is exactly the kind of ignorance I always talk about. Do you prefer that Sony not patch things that are wrong or try to stop the hackers? Did you ever consider that Sony could have been giving us better updates by now if they didn't have to spend time making patches and updates to stop these lowlife?

I still don't understand the stupidity of it all. You people say we shouldn't cheer on Sony because they are a corrupt, faceless corporation, But every second you are cheering on the hackers as if you know them personally ,have them over at your house for dinner and know that they aren't just some childish, antisocial scum that are just looking for attention? Sony is probably no saint either but I rather the devil I know then the devil I don't. So spare us the 'Sony deserves this' BS speeches please. We all know why you all really encourage this and it's not homebrew and the other OS. Why don't you all stop lying to yourselves?

TBM3239d ago

this doesnt affect me as i don't care about modding my system.

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