The Sims Get Medieval with New Screens and a Trailer

RipTen: The Sims are about to go medieval on your ass with new features including quests, combat, magic abilities – not to mention royal threads and castles!

****Watch the video and come back to RipTen for Screens and more Info****

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dkblackhawk503243d ago

Meh classic sims all the way!

Batmau53243d ago

I think the Sims in general is silly, i suppose it's cool to see them do something other then "SEQUEL TO THE GAME IN WHICH YOU BUILD A HOUSE, NOW DO IT AGAIN".

Arup023243d ago

You have many things to do aside from build houses. Each game adds new things, like the option of going out, nightlife,Vampires,etc.

vicious69833243d ago

Boo to everuthing SIMs related

Hitman07693243d ago

Sims is bad ass in its own way ! :)

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