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-Mezzo-3235d ago

No, weird interesting. lol

Dante1123235d ago

Takashi Miike "Gozu" weird, but nonetheless, interesting. I might actually check this out.

captain-obvious3235d ago

that looks ......... new
doesn't look like anything I've played recently
graphics kinda bad at some parts tho

rockleex3234d ago

Hope the gameplay sections aren't just all puzzle solving.

rezzah3235d ago

Is that a bad thing?

Hope this game comes to NA, a twist of horror and puzzles would be interesting.

frjoethesecond3234d ago

I hope the ps3 version has the Japanese audio track with proper subtitles. Assuming it'll be localised that is.

ThanatosDMC3234d ago

Wow, never saw the actual gameplay before... Now, im thinking what if the developers were possessed by demons when making this game.

Where the hell is Dante... oh right, he's getting sodomized by Ninja Theory. Meh, too much Ghost Adventures. Sleep.

Apotheosize3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Wow..I'm completely underwhelmed...this whole time it was just a climbing blocks and rearranging game. Story looks interesting, but wow I really hope theres more to the game than just that, it looks like a mini game, doing that for 30 hours? No thanks

Infernostew3235d ago

So the gameplay looks like a puzzle platformer. Not what I was initially expecting when I first heard about the game but I'm really digging the look of the gameplay. I'm definitely going to pick this one up when it drops.

GSpartan7773235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

O_O? <- My reaction to this trailer ^_^

CrescentFang3235d ago

Since this game was announced I wasn't expecting some RPG adventure with turn based battles or something. I hope no one else was...

The platforming looks fun, puzzles + fast thinking (to avoid dying from giant monsters, other monsters and traps). (I don't feel comfortable playing Vincent in his undies the whole time though lol)

Doesn't this game also have visual novel elements? (Sorry I don't quite remember)

Redempteur3234d ago

they told COUNTLESS times it wasn't a rpg.

People ( not you ) don't read and then complain.

i was expecting this .And

No visual novel elements !! ( they said this countless times already )

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The story is too old to be commented.