PS3 Exclusive Modern Combat: Domination gets debut trailer

Scrawl: "Modern Combat is a series of iOS games published and developed by Gameloft — the first game being released in 2009. The franchise is making the jump to high-definition, though, with the company’s upcoming Modern Combat: Domination. Tonight, the debut trailer for the PlayStation Network exclusive has been released."

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slinky1234564030d ago

been waiting for this... i wanna try it out with Move.

sobekflakmonkey4030d ago

Agreed, thats such a good deal, its almost half the price of a call of duty map pack, but you get so much more..

Winter47th4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

"I'm gonna try for a hit & run"? I've never heard anything more lame in an FPS. God the acting's so horrible the video should be banned.

Cregan4584onYouTube4030d ago

Guy gets his head blown all over the wall and he just smiles and nods like a pervert when school lets out.

Sarcasm4030d ago

Actually doesn't look half bad for an $8 game.

MariaHelFutura4030d ago

It looks alot like Counter-Strike. Which is not a bad thing. I`ll keep my keep on this.

DaCajun4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

They also said that more maps later was a possibility later and 8 bucks for 5 maps that's awesome. It also looks a lot better than that crap Blacklight: Tango Down. Hopefully they have descent size maps and good servers.

Also they said it is supposed to be out this month with a demo.

AAACE54030d ago

Game looks mighty fine indeed! Price is good too.

Looked through all comments and don't see any fanboy comments on here... I wonder how the other post are...

HSx94030d ago

Hopefully they make another version without move support so us normal gamers can play with controllers.

DaCajun4030d ago

You can play with both DS3 controller and Move. It is a regular game with move support not a Move only game.

rockleex4030d ago

For $8?!

Usually games like these cost $15 on the PSN. Great deal!

InactiveUser4030d ago

Wow, that trailer was horrible. I typed a few different comments, but I can't find the words to do it justice.

sobekflakmonkey4030d ago

@Winter47th Im pretty sure it was supposed to be a cheese fest...

The_Count4030d ago

Game looks good but the acting is terribly cheesey.

xxsnowmanxx4030d ago

lol @ 0:33... does he not know how to put on a bluetooth headset?

kunit22c4030d ago

ok I have never heard of this game, is it going to be on a disk or PSN? and is it actually going to be sold globally? Like will they have it at my local gamestop if its not a PSN game??

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toaster4030d ago

OMG dat acting. Emmy award winning stuff right there.

Looks like nothing special but for the price it's a great deal.

Dart894030d ago

Bubs man dat some funny s***

toaster4030d ago

Everything looks better than CoD.

Omegasyde4030d ago


The female comedian "carrot top" does look better than COD. Sad but true.

Dysmorphic4030d ago

I recently bought Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for $9, Army Of Two: The 40th Day for $12.50 and Just Cause 2 for $15. All of a sudden this doesn't seem like a good deal. Besides, Gameloft is notorious for half-arsed games.

scar-leg4030d ago

Those games aren't brand new though. Consider the price of a Call of Duty map pack...

Dysmorphic4030d ago

Does it matter that they're old (even though two of them came out not too long ago)? I'd bet that they're more fun than this title.

InactiveUser4030d ago

Just Cause 2 at $15 was a good buy.

xTruthx4030d ago

You dont have to buy it Dysmorphic , I know I will

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Vherostar4030d ago

Looks almost the same as COD with half decent graphics but wont get as good ratings purely based on the fact its not got the COD stamp. If this was called COD and counted as a mini COD offspring you bet your ass it would sell like hotcakes and get high ratings. Looks like every other shooter though and for $8 you can't argue.. Oh and ANOTHER exclusive?? DAMN keeping up is hard work..

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Parasyte4030d ago

Looks interesting, and could be a lot of fun.

But, I also have to say...that has got to be some of the worst acting I have ever seen!!! Even for a commercial!

sobekflakmonkey4030d ago

I agree, but i think that was the point.

Vherostar4030d ago

its gameloft to be fair they probably paid them in free mobile games..

visualb4030d ago

those guys looked...*cringe* lame

they really should put a girl in these commercials, its not natural to have JUST MEN in an gaming ad anymore, especially when 40% or more of gamers are women <_<

+ some girls in the advert would make it interesting =P

Raoh4030d ago

lol game looks good, ad was horrible.. that was some of the worst acting i've ever seen LOL

it was a little reminiscent of the old socom and everquest online adventures commercials..

TooTall194030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

So bad it's kinda good? I laughed hard at the video, and the gameplay looks great for $8. That's less than a trip to the movies! Hopefully there is a Plus discount also.

eggbert4030d ago

its a whole game for $7.99.

its better than $15 just for the five maps lol.

Also, is this Move only or is DS3 implemented?

blumatt4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I hope it can be played with Move and DS3. And I agree on the price. Like you said, CoD map packs cost $15 and this is a whole game for $8 so that has to be taken into consideration. I'm gonna get this most likely.
Also, does anyone think they'll ever talk Activision into implementing Move controls for CoD??

Agheil4030d ago

I heard that it also supports DS3 so no worries I'm just tryin to find out the release date

eggbert4030d ago

I ain't worried, I've got a Move haha, was just wondering.

I'm still waiting on how the Move controls are going to work in games like this and games like KZ3, Socom 4 etc. I haven't played MAG with it because my friend's that played MAG traded in their copies, and I don't feel like playing by myself.

jwk944030d ago

Not sure if i'm going to get this, i still need to save money for Killzone 3 or MVC3 next month. Reason i said this is because i'd want to play this with move and the nav controller too and i dont have either of these, so it'd be a lot of money for me.

SpitFireAce854030d ago

It can be played with both a DS3 and move

THKJamesMaxx | December 15th, 2010 at 11:36

[63]Is the game Move only, or does it have DualShock 3 support as well?

Jen Kye | December 16th, 2010 at 3:21

It isn’t Move only, but offers move support. You can use a regular controller to play the game as well.

PS: Comment 63

MGRogue20174030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Sorry... I actually thought this was a full PS3 game being released in the shop.. not a PSN game lol, I also just found out it runs at 60fps, and it's basically a CoD-like game where you level up, unlock new guns & whatnot. I'm definately getting this now.

If there is a demo, I'll try that first.. if not, I'll just the game straight-up. :P

Liefx4030d ago

The only way I would buy this is if it was Move only. I want all players to be on a level playing ground.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4030d ago

One of the devs said it will support both ds and move and that both groups will play together like MAG

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4030d ago

I could be totally wrong but i never see Activision putting that much effort into the ps3 especially when it comes to cod. Maybe they release a move compatible version but only if they can charge us another 60 bucks. Killzone/socom4/etc... Will be here soon and will make good use of it.

As far as move and MAG it makes it play like a totally different game.

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visualb4030d ago

only 5 maps?

*looks at BF:BC2 Vietnam*

hell yeah, so what? if its fun!